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13 June 2008

There was a sweet little lass and her name was Mary Mack

I love Last Comic Standing. Stand-up is such a difficult and little understood art form. A comic named Mary Mack just killed last night.

She talks in a Fargo Margie-like accent about coming from "the taxidermy part of Wisconsin"

"After a show, a girl came up to me and asked, what's with your hair... are you wearing product? I was like... what the hell? I don't know but I'm pretty sure I'm in the middle of a drug deal RIGHT NOW."

I had 3 different rounds of laugher at that joke. Once... was 10 minutes after she told it and someone else was doing their set. Hearing the stories of the struggling stand up comic are wild to me. 7...10...15 years touring little clubs and rooms with 30 drunks in them. Making meal money just to tell jokes. Yet I get it. Making people laugh is more addicting than Smack. Just ask Tim Allen.

I'm quite convinced that if I hadn't had an encounter with Jesus in the 14th Grade, I would have taken a legit run at this glamorous life. I know what you're thinking...

"Dave... don't you much more enjoy telling jokes to the bland and the suited?"

Well on one hand... I do love apologizing, being socially ostracized and cold shoulders. LOVE it. On the other hand... I have a hook. A large metal hook.

I get to do the occasional stand-up gig... yet I really don't care how often I do it. I don't want to tour with my "act". I actually just turned down two chances to do stand-up. One at a real live comedy club (garsh said Goofy) and one on Quasi-Christian TV. Why? They conflicted with youth ministry and my family's best interests.


I think one of the most valuable lessons you can learn in life is not just to identify your giftings... but also to identify your passion... then resolve to use those gifting to accomplish what your dream really is. I love communicating. I love encouraging people to dig deeper and discover God. I love to see people encounter freedom. And I want to see God transform a city.

And I COULD help those along from a mic on a stage. But I've always known that this "thing" was primarily meant to be a tool to open doors to new areas of influence. It's done precisely that throughout my life and I fully intend to intentionally continue to use it that way.

"How you doing, folks? It looks like you’re all sitting there…Hey, pal, you got some jokes? Why don’t you start crankin’ ‘em out, circus boy?"
Brian Regan

I love watching people like Mary Mack do her thing. It's exponentially more difficult than you realize. I have the utmost respect for the art form that is stand up comedy. If I had "tried" to do life on my own... I would have done much more of it. But I'm a more complete Dave today for having the courage to let God use it to make Him bigger.

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