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9 June 2008

When a gigantic oak tree falls in my backyard... does anybody hear?

Check THIS out...

A massive storm-bomb dropped on Brantford last night. And with it, dropped a 200 year old Oak Tree... right into our back yard. It's an unreal sight. This tree is filling 2 backyards and it's root system was pushed backwards, uprooting the fence of another neighbor.

Yet no houses were damaged. It fell in the only, exact, perfect place a 200 year old tree could fall in our neighborhood and not squash a house. It was pin point. This is what we see out of our kitchen window.

Yesterday at church, I preached about influencing families. You can download the Podcast and follow with the slide show at Freedom House's Blog. I talked about how easy it is to use your family and your family situations to make a connection to other families. Sounded logical.

Then a tree crashed into our house.

We were actually driving through town when it happened. When we arrived home, the entire neighborhood was standing outside of our house gawking at our yard. Krissy jumped out of the van and started shouting... "that's awesome!" Ha ha ha... have I mentioned how amazing my wife is?

We met easily 8-10 people we'd never met before who live around us... connected further with a family we've befriended from the kid's elementary school AND I discovered a guy who I went to elementary school with for 9 years... lives 3 doors down from me.

We layed in bed last night discussing what had happened. If it was a God thing or just a nature fluke. This tree was going to come down one day. It was inevitable. Where it fell... HAD to be a God thing. We weren't at home and the kids didn't get freaked by it... maybe a God thing? Meeting the neighbors on the day I preached about meeting neighbors... coincidence? God? Fate? Human nature?

Man I don't know. What I do know is that what I spoke about IS true. It's easy to meet people when you open your doors. Open your yard. Go outside more and start talking. My neighborhood is a bit of an oddity these days in the manner that people DO know each other. They knew each other's names and stories. I discovered that I didn't.

The 200 year old Oak Tree filling my backyard hopefully has opened a door to building relationship with the families in my neighborhood. And whether or not it was God who knocked down my tree, good things will come out of it. It's true with any situation you know. We get altogether too freaked out about our stuff. Trees, and yards, and insurance companies.

Moth and rust.

Everything we are, have and do... belongs to God. We're clay. He loves shaking things up. Knockin' down a few trees here and there to open new doors... showing us again what's real life... and what's not.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tree. Thank God nobody got hurt. Enjoy being a part of the good thing to come.

Heidi R.

carl said...

A couple years ago I asked a girl to share in small group. She came out with a message about how when Jesus was talking about your neighbor, He was talking about the person who lives next to you. I remember the conviction like it was yesterday.

Melissa said...

eek. I had to go back a few posts to find out about this tree. What a cool perspective on something that another person may have seen as simply traumatic and potentially horrible.

I just-this-minute came back in the house after visiting for over an hour with my neighbor across the street. We've been here 18 months. We've met them, waved almost daily at them, but don't really know them. She quit her job a month ago to be home with her 4 kids---and I'm home all summer. What a great "coincidence" eh?

Oh...and we apparently go to the same church. (there are so many things I could say about that, but I won't)

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