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3 June 2008

Winds of Change Conference

Something has changed. I'm not sure if you've noticed... but new (and very good) things are happening all around us these days. Healings are happening. Hope and Faith are being restored and increased. The winds of change are blowing...

..and as Diamond Joe Quimby once said,
"If that is the way the winds are blowing than let it not be said that I do not also blow"

Friend of Freedom House Mark Griffin will be joining us at Freedom House for a weekend of impartation, street burgers, and letting the winds of change blow into Brantford.

It also marks the start of our Flippin' Friday street outreach right after the service is over (check out the promo video here)

Many Freedom Housers (as well as Mark Griffin) have made their way to the Lakeland Healing Revival and received what God is pouring out these days. We're expecting God to impart even greater things into the hungry in Brantford this weekend.

If you'd like to know more... shoot me an email or facebook message (linked on the right). Everyone is welcome and it's totally free.


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