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23 June 2008

You Googled What and found me?

Thanks to ShinyStat... June's best Google Search that led to Big Ear Creations.

"white underpants"

It's a male myth. They don't exist. Only in the dreams of teenage girls reading Sears catalogs. Teenage girls do that too right?

"Matthew Paul Turner gay"

I chatted with him online and the funny thing is whoever Googled that did NOT find HIS blog... but mine. Although he seemed quite flattered.

"time travel church"

Comic Book guy? Is that you?

"stephane dion, catcher"

I know the Blue Jays are hurting for some new blood and all but...

"style tips big ears"

I wear my ear like I wear my white underpants... low and lazy

"taco smith brantford"

Children far and wide
Gather round and I will tell you the tale of Taco Smith.
No one could stuff a hard shell like Taco Smith.
Any idiot can do that... but hard shell?

"people make a living in brantford"

Is this a faith statement? I see a jittery forklift driver with a scotch in his hand and a Taco Smith hard shell in the other at 3pm saying this over and over. "People make a living in Brantford right? They do right? Someone say something!!!!"

"nipple sex"

One of my fav's

"pancake sex"

Even better

"mrs butterworth's boobs"

OK... now we've gotten weird. Although... no. No.

"non religious fasting tips"

Yes... non religious fasting. For all the fun, hallucination and gaiety of fasting and none of the pesky religious side effects!

"obama is my homeboy"

No he's not. I guarantee it.

"laughing light bulb"

Steven King looking for new book ideas... making sure it's not already taken? "Dang... Carrol beat me to the laughing light bulb idea... I guess I'll have to go with the goat from hell."

"light bulb with wings"

Sorry... that one's taken too. Unless you mean chicken wings.

"loop graffiti"

Yes... what a great idea!

That was extremely satisfying

"god offered or mild or painkiller or mixture or wine or myrrh or tasted or drink or finished or nailing"


"dora the explorer vamonos lyrics translation"

It means "Boots has ticks". Don't tell Boots. He doesn't speak Spanish.

"flower power man fashion hippie summer of love"

This sounds like the culmination of a great rant of some kind.

"bum worship"

This search could go one of two ways. I have experience with both kinds. Worshiping either MIGHT be a mistake.



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