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30 July 2008

As Morning Dawns and Evening fades

I spent last night with my friends in the palliative care unit at the Brantford General Hospital gathered around a friend in a very strange position. By medical accounts... Joy is loosing a battle with cancer very quickly. But the 15 of us gathered in her room last night don't buy it. We spent hours praying for healing... listening to what the Holy Spirit is saying... and laughing together as friends do.

Death is weird. The Bible says that there is no sting. But it stings. I believe that God can show us what's going on in the spiritual realm if we stop, look and listen. And every time I've stopped, looked, and listened to what the Spirit's saying... God's been showing me pictures of Joy being Joyful. Dancing with Jesus. Laying on an air mattress on a blue ocean soaking up the warmth of the glory of God. Swimming in river from Ezekiel's vision.

I'll say it again... death is weird. So is believing for healing. Because we desparately want Joy to stand up and walk out of the hospital healthy and many would see and fear and put their trust in the Lord. But the no sting part of death is because whatever happens in the next 3 days... Joy is STILL with Jesus going from glory to glory. She's been with him for 40 years. She's with him now. She'll be with him in 3 days. And she'll be with him in 10,000 years bright shining as the sun... still going from glory to glory. There's a whole lotta "no sting" in that truth.

This is a poem that God gave me a couple of days ago:

As morning dawns and evening fades;
the shadow that once loomed winces, exposing what she could anxiously see unfolding.
For a moment, she stands still... just to look.
After being a hearer of His Name,
After being learner of His Name,
After being a doer of His Name,
She sits down with a comfortable sigh on her quilted rocking chair in the temple court;
and becomes a feeler of His Name.

As morning dawns and evening fades;
the sound of the voices shouting from realms of victory, resonate in the highlands and echo through the lowlands.
Hear, oh men of the men of Issachar.
Hear and understand.
Hear, oh women of the women of the Word,
Hear and know what is true.

As morning dawns and evening fades;
the murmurs of the weak speak the faithless tongue of the old country...
...but what does their frail mumbling count for in a place such as this?

Those who see and hear... have seen and heard.
Woe to those who see dark as light.
Woe to those who see day as night.
Horns are blowing and Joy is glowing.
The light wins. The light wins.
We all knew the light would win!

As morning dawns and evening fades;
the tower emerges from the morning mist.
It's just like the picture in the book.
Ancient and sleek.
Tall and Winsome.
She sits on her quilted rocking chair around a happy dancing fire... eating a nameless fruit that is both familiar and exotic.

As morning dawns and evening fades;
She stops for a last moment... just to think.
About the commotion.
About the grapple.
About the collisions.
She knows what they know; and she knows... what they don't.
But they will.
All of them will.
She sighs a sigh of relief and smiles as her lungs fill with honey-touched air.
As the sun peeks over the horizon, she picks up her brightly woven bag and begins to walk;
knowing wherever it is she's going... her quilted rocking chair will be waiting there for her.

Dave Carrol

Does it mean stop contending for healing? Heck no! God is big and powerful and holds the WHOLE WORLD in His hands. That's something POWERFUL to stand with!

Please keep praying for Joy. You can check out Joy's blog here. You can even leave her a comment. My friend Andrea is collecting them and reading them to her mom.



Joy died this afternoon... surrounded by her family. She woke up in a place where pain doesn't exist... filled her lungs with honey-touched air... and experienced full healing. Just like we prayed.


Esther said...

thanks! keep on contending!

The Bean Bag Chair said...

I'm glad evening fades...
thanx dave

Mike said...

Keep praying, we will also.

Melissa said...


Andrea said...

Thanks Dave...you're a good friend. Love you guys so much! xo

Catherine said...

Beautiful post.. I found your blog through Melissa's. We lost a close friend last week as well, and this post made me tear up.
Blessings to you.

Dave Carrol said...

Thanks Catherine. It was really a God given thing... but when I re-read it... I'm quite sure it's one of my favorite things I've ever written

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