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8 July 2008

Dim wits and Dubya and Todd

Dim wits:
Remember my friend Erin's great video that she made about "Unity in Brantford"?

Some dimwit... I mean blessed saint of the Lord... left these hilarious comments about it.

His last comment of, "Unity, Worship, Brantford churches ignite. Last time I checked, that's Nada" is ironic. Erin's video was shown at our last city wide church service about a month ago where about a dozen churches got together and spent the night praying for Brantford and EACH OTHER to prosper. Booya.

I Love this BTW...

People use things like this to criticize GWB? I LOVE that a president talks like this! I just hope to high heaven that Steven "Please pimp my PM" Harper tried his darnedest to reply in street slang of some kind. Someone please get him a fohawk and an Old Navy shopping trip.

I am continually amazed at what the response has been to the Lakeland Revival meetings. The bulk of the criticism is still coming from the church. It's ASTOUNDING to me that church would prefer to be in a powerless, impotent state, walking in circles... instead of revival.

But I read a really really cool response from Pastor Bill Johnson from Redding California. I don't know anything about Bill but he was asked in an email, "How in God's name can you endorse Todd Bentley?". He wrote:

"Todd is a good friend, but more importantly, he is a friend of God. I've met very few people in my life who are hungrier for God and will take extended periods of time just to seek Him. God has entrusted him with an extraordinary outpouring for a reason—He can trust him to do whatever He says, regardless of the opinions of others. He is bold—amazingly bold. The miracles are legitimate and increasing. The church of America has asked for a great revival. God wonderfully placed this move in a package that few would have expected, just to see if we're as hungry as we say we are."

Recent response to the above answer:"How in God's name can you endorse Todd Bentley?" This is my response:

Have you spent time with Todd? Do you know him? Have you watched him with his wife? Or have you seen how he treats his kids? Have you spent any time with his staff? Have you been to his ministry? Has he been to yours? Have you laid hands on him and prayed? Has he laid hands on you and prayed? Have you grieved over tragedy together? Have you celebrated victory together? Has he sought your counsel? Has he traveled a great distance just to meet with you privately for advice? Have you ever received his counsel?

Have you been in the room when God has showed up on him, and used him in stunning miracles? Have you seen him operate in the word of knowledge or the prophetic? Have you met with his counsel of elders? Have you personally benefited from his gift? Has he benefited from your gift and ministry? Has he ever honored you for who you are in God? Has he partnered with you as a friend? Have you sacrificed for his welfare, or that of his family? Have you sought God with him? Have you ever worshiped the Lord with him?

I didn't think so. I have. And I'll continue to support those who I have walked with in life and ministry. He's my friend. More importantly, God calls him friend. And if you and I were ever friends in that level, and people hated you and turned against you, and started web pages to tear down your ministry, and criticized you to your friends, and wrote against you in Christian magazines, and criticized you on the radio and wrote emails to other conference speakers and authors, I'd still be your friend.

By the way - criticism in the form of a question is not a question. But to respond to your statement, "How in God's name can you endorse Todd Bentley?" It's easy. I do it in God's name.


or BAM as the kids are all saying. BAM they all said.


Anonymous said...

thanks for this. especially re: todd and bill johnson.

wwjd? i suspect he'd say, 'yo todd'.

Dave Carrol said...


thanks... hey are you Canadian. I was reading your blog and wondering

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