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15 July 2008

Don't vote for a Democrat!!!

This billboard is raising a few eyebrows in Orange County Florida today.

It was put up by a guy named Mike Meehan, "on a mission to help the country". I'm sure John McCain is really truly thrilled that Mike is chipping in with his two cents.

You should hear Mike's song. CD's are only 5 bucks (quite a steal). Therepublicansong.com. Here are some highlights...

"The Democrat secular progressive move,
political correctness is killing us too.
They want to take the money from the hard workin man,
and give it to the lazy folks that don't give a damn.

Republicans, we're not perfect but we know the truth
We uphold the Constitution and the Golden Rule.
We believe a mans freedom is a God given right,
the USA is the beacon to the whole world in sight."

"what you're doing is the opposite of help."

I'm SURE that The Republican Party will be able to save the nation. Oh for sure they will. The twin towers disaster would have never happened with a good 'Merican Republican in office. They'll do a much better job at making the nation a utopia... I mean this happened just today!

See... for God's sake DON'T VOTE FOR A DEMOCRAT!!!!

I don't really care who you vote for. You can make a case for either and both arguments are flawed. Neither choice will ever be "the hope of glory". Laws don't save nations. Jesus came... tore the curtain in two... and fulfilled the law with love, forgiveness, grace and mercy. We're called to release a Kingdom quite unlike the ones that we see around us.

Here's Derek Webb's new video, "A savior on capital hill"


candidchatter said...

Hey Dave. This is way of topic, but wanted you to read this. I have read some of your posts regarding this guy down here in Florida. I have always been suspicious of these sorts of people, but it's hard to tell what's up thru the media. Anyway, read this article when you have time: http://www.bpnews.net/bpnews.asp?ID=28460

Feel free to delete this comment.

Heidi Reed

Jeff said...

To add to Heidi's comment: I've tried to do some research on Todd Bentley and his ministry. It's hard to do simply because most of the connected Christian news networks are brimming with story after story about what's going on there, but once I got past that, I've seen similar stories to the one that Heidi posted. I'm somewhat skeptical of it myself, simply because there are never any miracles shown on the TV station - only reports of miracles.

Maybe what's happening there is real. Maybe it's not. Many Christians are concerned at his very unbiblical background as well as his very bordering-on-heresy visions. Does this make him false? I don't know. But I do know that it deserves some investigation into the matter. Then, you can make up your own mind about it, after viewing all the evidence :)

Dave Carrol said...

Hey guys... they were good thought... so I did whole (huge long really) blog post on it.

I respect both of your comments and it's very true that its so hard to really make heads or tails of things that the media spins.

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