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7 July 2008

Everything Changes

My wife raised a very cool "Ebeneezer Stone" last week. She hit the moment where she had officially been a Christian longer than she hadn't. 15+ years of having Jesus driving her life. I can hear her singing, "Jesus take the wheeeeeeeeeel!" and giggling right now. It's been a very significant thing for her. Last night she felt God lead her to go to the campground where she first encountered God. She let Him show her a bit about who she was then... and who she is today.

It's ironic because I had a bit of a reflective spiritual moment on Friday night as well. Before we head out on the streets, we get together as a church and take a couple hours to pray and just hear what the voice of God is speaking. Brian played the old Delirious tune "Find me in the River" a number of times. It brought back, as I put it... "the good parts of the old days" for me. I love Delirious music. The era I grew up spiritually had Martin Smith providing it's soundtrack.

When I hear, "Did you hear the Mountains tremble", I remember setting up my church's gym for the reception the day before our wedding. We had "The Cutting Edge" echoing off the green floors, filling our spirits with the assurance of a bright future hand in hand with each other and the God who could let the "streets resound with singing."

A decade later... we're very different people. In a very different place. Delirious is too. Yesterday they announced that they were "taking a break" from making music together after 14 albums. It was partially brought on by Martin Smith's desire to spend more time with his family and work with an AMAZINGLY cool ministry called Compassionart, where artists and musicians are dedicated to, "seeing works of art generate income for the poorest of the poor."

Times are changing. This is what Delirious wrote about their last album "Kingdom of Comfort"

"We just can’t carry on the same way in any sphere of our lives. Everywhere you go there’s a shift happening. People are evaluating what’s truly important in life, and I think our new album reflects that urgency.”
Martin Smith

Everything is changing. Revivals are breaking out all over the world. God is using the rich and the poor; the somebody and the nobody. Kings and Queens are having their hearts broken by holiness that hurts the eyes. The spiritual mercury is rising and life is not the same as it was 15, 10, 5... even 2 years ago. What we've done and how we did it before doesn't much matter really. It's significant for us to reflect (it's healthy) but to force the use of old wine skins on "such a time as this" would be disaster for all.

To get where you've never been, you have to do things you've never done. We can't hold lightly enough on to things. I was chatting with a friend of mine last night who I kinda look at as a mini-me... just a decade younger. I was telling him that submission is everything. ESPECIALLY for those who want to be world shakers. That God finds the foolish, dead, clay who will just listen and do... and uses them for great things.

I looked back at my life a decade ago. Much of what I'm doing and who I am today IS what I would have said I wanted to be. But how I got here... I never could have predicted. It's come in refining tears from bottom of graves. It's come in the form of long marital fights in sweaty African bedrooms. It's come from giving a car away that cost us more money than we had to buy out.

At the end of Delirious press release they said, "We always used to say that we were ‘taking it wherever it goes’. The music ended up going further and deeper than we could ever have dreamed..."

That's life in the river of God man... you just never know.

*** Side note... you should check out Freedom House's Podcast from yesterday (right here). Brian taught about life by, in, on and as "the river". It was amazing.***

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