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22 July 2008

A flavorful stew of the semi-interesting and somewhat offensive

Let's play a game... I've got a flavorful stew of the semi-interesting and somewhat offensive things that have piqued my interest lately. I challenge you to give me your thoughts on each point using 3 words or less... OK? And go.

1. Anne Jackson from FlowerDust.net and her church called Crosspoint in Nashville have been blogging their way through a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. A few days ago she posed a question that I have asked each time I've left North America...

2. Did you realize that at the time John Lennon made the "bigger than Jesus" quote... he thought of the Beatles as a Christian band? (Whole story here)

“It’s just an expression meaning the Beatles seem to me to have more influence over youth than Christ,” he says. “Now I wasn’t saying that was a good idea, ‘cos I’m one of Christ’s biggest fans. And if I can turn the focus on the Beatles on to Christ’s message, then that’s what we’re here to do.”

3. This is a quote from Jack Nicklaus at the British open about the differences in life for him as a golfer and the way it is today.

"When we played golf, it wasn't to make a living," Nicklaus said. "It was to make a name for yourself so you could make a living."

4. One more "the state of sports" quote. This is from new (and old) Toronto Blue Jays hitting coach Gene Tenace about his relationship with his wife.

"You know, when I proposed to her, I told her I was going to give her an out. I told her she could have my heart but that baseball would always have my soul. She said she'd take the heart."

5. This is from my sister Jenn's blog written about leaving Liberia. On her way to the airport, her transport was mobbed and jostled by a crowd demanding to have one the passengers thrown to the mob! (whole blog here)

"...deep down, I live with the attitude that 'it will all work itself out'. I guess most people would call this naivety. I have had too many experiences convincing me that it is God.

Because, I am too lucky to be lucky."

6. Amazing story about the 10 most racist toys ever... times MAY have changed a touch.

7. I love hearing where songs come from. Here's the story behind Chris Tomlin's "God of the City" song from Passion's new album. It was written by a band called "Bluetree". The story reminds me of my 3 days on the island of Puerto Galera in the South China Sea.

It was just simply heart breaking seeing young Philippino girl after girl hanging off the arms of old dirty white guys. I kept thinking... "it really wouldn't be THAT hard with a little work to see this whole island saved".

“We got asked to go and be part of an event called Pattaya Praise. Pattaya is a seaside town/resort place, and physically, it looks to be like the darkest place you’ll ever go to. And spiritually, it is THE darkest place we have ever been to. You just feel the evil...

...and we got to play for two hours. And just the way the band set up, we like using loops, and at one point I just started singing out. I started singing “Greater Things”, something along those lines, almost prophesying over the city."

8. SUCH a cool anti racism ad from South Africa (putting the darkey in the Watermelon to shame)

OK... so let's hear some 3 word comments.
Here's mine...

1. God's got plans
2. John wavered lots
3. People are soft
4. That's really dumb
5. My sister's cool
6. Hard to believe
7. Come save Brantford
8. Mandela was amazing


The Ghost said...

Re: #7 -- The entire song is built on crap -- Lies and rumors and second-hand exaggerations. The bland blatantly lies on its website, citing stuff they never actually saw (because it doesn't happen) and things they were told by people who were told stuff by people who were told stuff.

If you want the REAL story behind the song, read this:


Dave Carrol said...

ah ah ah Mr The Ghost... that's more that three words.

That is an interesting perspective though. Doesn't necessarily make it the right one as it appears that it's your job to promo Pattaya.

Puerto Galera in the Philippines was a tourist island resort type thing. People came to scuba dive on the amazing reefs. BUT without seeing stats... even with just a few days of sitting and watching what was happening... you could tell it wasn't good.

It also doesn't take away from the legitimacy of someone's heart breaking for city. Most of our cities are dying in one way or another. And regardless of the number of hookers... it's still too many. They are people who need hope that God can bring.

Ya know?

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