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18 July 2008

Freedom House in the News

From today's Freedom House Blog:

Freedom House has been in the Brantford Expositor in back to back days! We're movers and shakers baby. Yesterday it was because we'll be presenting our "Dora, The Incredible Hulk and a Tree" at the Brantford Rocks Festival July 26th in Harmony Square.

Here are the highlights... (Whole article here)

"Glam rock, Christian punk, country, progressive metal and a Shrek puppet show -- as befits this town's multi-faceted makeup, the coming We Love Brantford: Brantford Rocks festival will feature an eclectic entertainment lineup.

Originally intended as a showcase for local garage bands, the event was already booked for July 26 when the community was rocked by a March Maclean's magazine story painting Brantford as one of the most dangerous cities in Canada. The day then morphed into a positive celebration and a showcase for local musicians. "It's really mushroomed into this great big community lovefest."

We're the "Shrek Puppet Show". Ha! We'll be on the stage at 11:30, but we also have a booth down at the square and I'll (Dave) be MC'ing the whole day along with Jamie from BrantNOW.com so plan on coming down and hanging out to celebrate Brantford with us!

Then TODAY in the Expositor... Susan Gamble did a GREAT story about last Sunday's Church tagging fun! (Whole article here)

When a vandal "tagged" the big blue Freedom House church on Market Street last week , the offbeat minister decided to tag right back. Call him the Pastor-of-the-paint-can, or the Cleric of Colour but minister Brian Beattie led his congregation outside on Sunday and spray-painted his own church walls.

"I figured I could either get really upset or I could use it as a teaching moment," says Brian.

He pondered the move for a few days and, on Sunday, boldly preached on God engraving believers' names on His hand before leading the worshippers to the street. The tagger's work included a tag name -- Jose -- so Brian added elements to ensure the message said "God loves Jose". Then he tagged on the church name and logo, the times of services and his theme scripture for the day.


It was a move that shocked a few, he admits, but his group is used to his wacky ways.

For instance, during the first baptism held at the building, Brian climbed in the hot tub set up for the ceremony and did a sermon as a fish. Or there's the fact that, once a year, he oversees the trucking in of a foot of sand to one of the rooms where the church holds a Hawaiian night/beach volleyball game.

"We try to make church fun because most people who go to church just endure it."

The church is also connecting with the community. Brian says most neighbours he talked to approved of his stunt.

Isn't that amazing?

I simply LOVE that Freedom House is a church that is...


...involved in our community. Life together with each other and God is vibrant and full of life! The way it should be. See you tonight on the street. If you missed last week's story of what happend on the street, you should check out my (Dave) blog for the story.

Come on out... you never know what might happen!


Jeff said...

Oh Dave, you're so ghetto...

Dave Carrol said...

yeah we're "hard core"

like vanilla ice we rock the mic like a vandal

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