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4 July 2008

New Jerusalem sex!

Yesterday was a terrible day. Just one of those... "sweet merciful grapenuts life bites sometimes" days. After work, I had a meeting with friend of mine out of town scheduled so I had some alone drive time to think about the day.

I scrolled through my ipod looking for the right song to turn up and blast on my Ford Winstar's 2 and a half out of 4 working speakers. Something that would speak the words I was feeling for me. "Tomlin... bah. Shiny Happy Australian people? Pft... why is that even on this ipod?"

In head I had a mini Christian music rant. "Why won't they just write songs about what people really feel? Sheesh!" So I flipped around the radio a bit. I'm a pro radio flipper by the way. It's a science constructed by me (and some high school buddies) to give myself the highest possible chance of hearing a Steve Miller Band song.

I finally heard a something that resonated. It was Tom Cochrane's old "Sinkin' like a Sunset"

Don't hold out let's make love right now
Cause there's some things I'd like to forget
When our hearts are sinkin' like a sunset
Won't you hold me now
And make things right
'Cause when you're with me here
The sun comes out at night
Making me forget
We're sinking like a sunset

Is a real concept or a worldly concept? Can sex make everything better? Maybe sex can't make everything better... but thinking about making love and getting lost in a moment outside of the struggles of the day sure sounded good.

Rob Bell's book Sex God really talks more about human interaction than sex sex. The chapter called "Whoppee Forever" makes some really interesting observations. In this little clip, he's been talking about Paul's statement about how he wishes we could all remain single and how sex is somewhat momentary. Bell's is talking about the book of Revelation and John's vision of the new earth...

In the light everybody is known fully. Which is what people crave in sex isn't it? To be known fully and still loved, still embraced, still accepted.

We read that in this city (new Jerusalem), "nothing impure will ever enter it". Isn't that what sex is supposed to be for people in its greatest moment? When it's free from power and coercion and manipulation and agendas and fears, when it is simply two people giving themselves to each other, holding nothing back?

For many people, sex is brief moments when everything is okay with the world, even if it isn't. It's an escape from the pain and suffering and brokenness of life...

In Revelation God announces, "I am making everything new" Isn't that the longing of every embrace, every act of love, sex itself. To start again, to give yourself away again. To try again for hope and healing and restoration.

We find sex so powerful because it provides people with glimpses into the world we all desperately desire but can't seem to create on our own.

Sex is a far cry from the be all and end all of life. There many instances where Paul is right that being single is better. You have more individual freedoms... you can pick up and go wherever the spirit says...

You can also touch heaven in so many ways. But sex is a wonderful thing when it's in God's beautiful metaphorical context. Man and Woman. Covenantal... no one's ever going anywhere but here... bond. It is a connector. It connects you to your spouse in a "no one else is allowed in this moment" embrace. It connects you to God. Takes you higher and grounds you at the same time.

It's a reminder that every little thing... is gonna be alright.


Sensuous Wife said...

I can't believe no one has commented on this already!

Well I will.

Is a real concept or a worldly concept? Can sex make everything better? Maybe sex can't make everything better... but thinking about making love and getting lost in a moment outside of the struggles of the day sure sounded good.
Delighted Husband and I have talked about this before. I'll tell you what I told him. I believe God has given married couples sex as a built-in free vacation. A no charge vacation for two to postorgasmic nirvana. Lovemaking is free (or a nickel's worth of Astroglide, or whatever you pay for a toy or two) and is something fabulous that no one else can give your spouse but you.

Do we use sex to avoid issues?
Lordy no.
Do we sometimes use sex to push away the stress for an hour?
Bet your bikini wax.

Sensuous Wife said...

OH and by the way, I forgot all about the New Jerusalem implications! I wonder how incredibly smokin' easy multiple orgasms could be with glorified bodies that are completely free of bad backs, or arthritic knees, or cancer or whatever ailments or injuries our bodies suffer from in this fallen world?

I for one intend to find out!

Dave Carrol said...

That's a great thought! and there is truly nothing wrote with pushing away stress...

especially with something so good!

manwithsingleOs said...

Problem is women get multiple orgasms in THIS world while men yearn for them in the next world. Why would we? Why does God give so much more pleasure to women -- so much that men can't even imagine? All societies have explored this divide and some take it out on women by removing their God-given clitoris (which, by the way, why did God put it "out there" if he wanted men and women to bond, yada, yada)?

I'm not whining, just pointing out an obvious fact that often gets overlook: God designed men (testosterone) to want sex but the payoff is a piffle.

Look up the research . . . the old Greek myth of Teiresias is true: if one part of pleasure belongs to men, 9 parts belong to women!

From a man. Sigh.

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