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20 July 2008

I'm dripping wet from all the great camping fun

Well on one side... I got to go away camping for the "weekend". On the other side...

-An entire trailer hitch fell off
-Two separate people ripped the same tent
- We forgot the key to the boat
- I drove 55 minutes on a wild goose hunt for wood, only to pay 7 bucks a bag at the campground
- It rained... HARD... from the time we sat down for diner last night until the time we bailed on the "weekend" this morning.
- I got soaked to the bone
- I stood shirtless and shivering with other men (one touched my side with his hand. It felt warm. I liked it)
- I wore my first poncho
- Brianna decided not to sleep at night (instead she thought screeching would be a good alternative)
- I got my van stuck in the mud
- The camper door kept flying open on the highway (duct tape was the only solution).
- At one point there were 6 naked girls in my camper (all under 6).

On the plus side... um... there was... um...

oh yeah...

- Nobody got Parasites
- No former Russian Republics were overthrown this weekend.
- Steven Page did not show up with his bag of "Tide".

aaand I'll admit. It will be a funny memory. Now that it's over.


Paul said...

Well, now you know... camping is NOT of God. :-)

Andrea said...

Ha - good thing you've got a REAL vacation happening in a few weeks!!!

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