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12 July 2008

My field trip to the crack house

What a night on the street. There are few things as amazing as watching someone letting Jesus into their heart. It's as much a miracle as growing a new leg.

Roughly one year ago... I was pacing up and down Market Street outside of Freedom House looking at a strip of crack houses and brothels. I began to get mad. Good righteous God mad. These things had no business being in our neighborhood. God's hood. So, standing beside my friend Sam, I said "I really want to find a way to get into that crack house". No sooner had I said it, a man came stumbling out and headed across the street to our BBQ.

I jumped at the open door and suggested that I bring the whole house a tray of hamburgers. He accepted and 10 minutes later we were passing out burgers to a group of junkies laid out on beds and couches in the dirtiest place I've ever seen. It was great.

The man who came out of the house's name is Lee. He came back to our street party off and on throughout last, and this year. In our prayer room, we'd often pray that God show himself to the people in our neighborhood. Before heading out on the street each week, we spend a couple of hours praying. We get the mind of the Lord and declare it prophetically... then let the Holy Ghost do His thing.

Tonight... Lee had an "appointment" with Jesus. My buddy "Big Daddy Straz" suggested we make a crack house burger run. EXCELLENT IDEA! A group of 6-7 of us wound up hanging out in the crack house for about 20 minutes, shooting the breeze with the neighbors. We talked about the 15 or so kittens that scurried around the house as most of the residents lay on a bed littered with crack pipes. Lee was there but followed us back across the street... for "some reason".

Lee and I would up in our 24/7 Prayer room. This room is covered in prophetic words... loving poems... declarations over Brantford... "whispered faithless prayers"... beautiful artwork...

Lee began to tell me that God wouldn't stop bugging him. He said that God was like his hat. He was always there. But Lee was mad that God wouldn't speak to him anymore. Lee asked me, "straight up... have you ever ENCOUNTERED God?" I assured him that I had. He was happy since it meant that his following story wouldn't be seen as crazy.

Lee told me that a number of years ago he was in BC working. For some reason, he felt compelled to stop by a stream and sit on a rock. There... God showed up. God would not physically let Lee off this rock. Lee told me that he KNEW God was holding him in place and was literally meeting with him. When he got up, he wrote of the experience on a piece of paper that he still keeps in his wallet today. Then he began to run away.

I told Lee about how God wants us to want him. I told him about how God provided Jonah, another runner, a whale. A whale that seemed bad... but really kept him safe and pointed him on to his destiny. My biker friend Ray came in and shared with Lee that Jesus stands at the doors and knocks... that Jesus needs us to open that door and let him in.

For Lee tonight... it all clicked. I prayed with Lee and Lee "felt happy" for the first time in years. His guilt from running away was lifted from him. He teared up and hugged us. I actually gave Lee my Bible. It was a Bible that my former church's Mens ministry gave to me before I headed off to Africa. I told Lee that I received this Bible as I was about to start a scary, unknown... but AMAZING journey; and that he was about to do the same. Lee didn't know what to say.

Lee wandered around our street barbecue the rest of the night in somewhat of a state of shock that a simple prayer of surrender could do THAT much. That it took away years of fighting and guilt. I had weak knees after to be honest at what a powerful moment I had just been privileged to witness. A man having a literal REbirth before my very eyes.

The "will of God" is a wild thing. Last summer I KNEW that God wanted those folks in that house. And tonight... with the legit prompting and drawing that the Holy Spirit does so well... God did a miracle.

Salvation is beautiful.

I stand in awe of my Holy God this morning.


Chris Jones said...

right on man - so encouraging!

CHARLAX said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Melissa said...

amazing. I need to read about what it is you do...

I love that you and your friends are willing to love the "unlovable" and reach out to them in a way that matters to THEM...a burger when they probably don't know where their next meal is coming from.

this is rocking my world!

Dave Carrol said...

Chris: you rock brother... thanks for being an encourager yourself

Charlax: Thanks for the spam... much appreciated

Melissa: It's shockingly easy to do new things. Pray... get God's heart for an area that's captured your heart... and get what his game plan is... then go hard!

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