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10 July 2008

Oh the life of a pastor in Nashville

OK, I've mentioned him before... but you've gotta read Pete Wilson's blog. He's the pastor of a church in Nashville called Cross Point...

"So Wednesday afternoon my friend, Derek Bruner from Cross Point, called me with the weirdest pastoral request I’ve ever gotten. He asked me if I would be willing to come down and go backstage at the Poison concert to meet with C.C. DeVille (their lead guitarist). Apparently C.C. has just become a Christian and was wondering if I would be willing to bring him some messages he could listen to on the road, as well as just encourage him, and answer a few questions..."

"After the concert we had a creative team meeting with him where we suggested a few different ways he could interweave the story of what God is doing in his life through his music. The entire experience was surreal, to say the least."

You should check out the whole post here... it includes video footage of the meeting.

How wild is that?

I love it when God drops us in places of influence. Like SURPRISING places of influence where we just have to acknowledge that there is no good reason why we should be in this place… except that God SO wants to have HIS name known...

...or maybe this is just the life of a pastor in Nashville!

1 comment:

Eric said...

That's the guy *I* wanna be!

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