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14 July 2008

Tagging the Church

Tagging: "the most basic writing of an artist's name in either spray paint or marker. A graffiti writer's tag is his or her personalized signature"

Over the weekend, someone with the street name Jose of the "NY Bloods" tagged our church. The NY Bloods thing is hysterical as I'm sure Jose would be a blubbering little mess in the corner should he actually encounter a real "blood". But none the less... we found ourselves the proud owners of his name and tag symbols on our big blue house.

So Sunday morning... Brian did something awesome. He brought up this scripture...

Isaiah 29: 16
See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before me.

... and reminded the church about the scale that we function on. Jose may have written his name on our building. But that building is God's building... and God's got us engraved on palms of his hands.

So we tagged back. Brian decided that Jose needed to know that Jesus loves him... and a few more things. So we all took a "field trip" and prayed for the street... on the street.

Have I mentioned that I love my church?


Anonymous said...

I love your church. I love your stories. I love the people at the crack house. I get so excited to read about you and them doing what Christ wants you to do... showing His love to the world. No judgment. No bigotry. Just love. Keep it up, brother. I get all emotional about these things. Heaven's gonna be great, huh? I can't wait to meet you and your lovely wife there. Cannot wait!

Heidi Reed

@ngie said...

May I just say that you have a great blog? Really, it is very good.

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment on mine. I thought you might like to visit the website of the 24/7 prayer center our friend has here: http://www.ipc24-7.org/index.htm


Evildobbi said...

It sure was fun wasn't it Davie?!?!? Did I mention ITS OPEN SEASON!!! Its time to get wet.. HaHaHa

Dave Carrol said...

Heidi: if you're ever in Brantford!

Angie: Thanks a bunch... I love connecting with people who have a passion to live alongside God.

24/7 is a cool vehicle you know? But its just a vehicle. Having open ears is so important!

Josh: You're the man... get wet dude! Ha

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