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1 July 2008

What my 6th Grade Teacher taught me about Canada

I have sales guy at work who grew up in Newfoundland but thinks he's Rush Limbaugh. He loves telling me all about how he won't drive into Mississauga. He calls it Mississaugastan. He believes it to be the hub of terrorism in the Great White North because of the high middle eastern population. Nice eh?

(We actually have a family member who works in the Canadian equivalent of the Jack Bauer CTU and tells us that Saskatchewan is actually the hub... they hide in silos maybe?)

In fact his attitudes compared to those in the 30 and under demographic are a stark contrast. I grew up with people from all over the world. I don't think he did. I grew up in the story of the modern vision of Canada. It was the cultural mosaic in its purest form. The idea of racial differences never once crossed my mind until the sixth grade.

One day, someone threw a penny on the ground and told my friend to pick it up. He yelled out, "I ain't no Jew". My 6th Grade teacher heard this and went BALLISTIC (and rightfully so). She was awesome. She cancelled regularly scheduled classes for a week and launched into a series on racism and prejudice. She taught us about how our great country intentionally created a place where people could come and be free to be themselves.

She had an aunt who was a missionary on the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar. Our pizza day money bought "Mama Jen's" kids soccor balls. She played us Midnight Oil albums and taught us about the plight of the Aborigines. She showed us about how fascinating, unique, and beautiful culture can be... and how we need to respect others. She showed us that this was a value of Canada.

Happy Birthday Canada.
God keep our land glorious and free.

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