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1 August 2008

16 Days

My mind has quite admittedly been elsewhere of late. August 22nd is our 10th Anniversary and it's, coincidentally, been about 10 years since I've felt like I NEEDED a vacation. But a few months ago I hit a wall and kind of mentally crashed. It's been hard to check back in (which is very abnormal for me). Fortunately I'm in luck because in, let's check the clock...

... 16 days I'm going to be in the Dominican Republic on a "do nothing" kind of vacation. I can't tell you how timely this is. We've never been able to afford an actual holiday holiday. This trip was actually given to us from some amazing friends who were at our wedding 10 years ago (well, one of them. The other came around soon after) and just keep on blessing our socks off. This time literally.

I was at home alone last night trying to distract my ever-swimming mind from stewing about a really crappy day so I looked back a decade. I uploaded a swarm of old pictures on to Facebook from our wedding and our Ghanaian year (10 and 8 years ago respectively).

I came to the conclusion that I looked like a little boy when I got married... and Krissy looks like the same "child bride" she did a decade ago.

I look forward to the feeling of "refreshed". Then getting locked and loaded for the next 10 years.

1 comment:

Mike said...

We all need time away. Time to find peace. Enjoy these days and happy aniversary.

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