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18 August 2008

Best of Big Ear: 4 Stories

While I'm on vacation... I thought I would look back at some of my favorite blogs from the last couple of years.

4 Stories

Story 1:

6:20 am. I was hosting the morning show on Brantford's first Christian radio station in its infancy stage. While manually changing out of date Amy Grant CD's in a tiny sweat box of a booth, God spoke to me that it was time to begin having kids. He led me to Psalm 128:3 Your wife will be like a fruitful vine within your house; your sons will be like olive shoots around your table.

My wife had been ready for quite some time for kids (even though we were only mid 20's) but this was the first time that the thought had crossed my mind. While scared out of my mind, since I had literally never held a baby EVER!! We began to try to have our first child. The process reminded me of when I was about to propose to Krissy. We both new it was going to happen eventually, so ever day that went by and it didn't happen, she got more annoyed.

One morning I went to host the show and got home around 9:30am and a Passion CD was playing unusually loudly. Chris Tomlin was singing "all of you, is more than enough for me..." Krissy looks at me with tears in her eyes and said, "I'm pregnant". We cried, worshiped and prayed. Jared: Meaning Descendant

Story 2:

Things were not well at the radio station. Rumors about lack of funds permeated every good intention. At the same time, God led us to take a step of faith and release another Carrol into the world. We were giddy with excitement at the prospect of adding to the number in our home. I honestly don't remember the when and how we found out that Krissy was pregnant, because it was about that time that I showed up for work, only to find the doors locked.

We had just told our whole family about the baby when all of a sudden, there was no money for us to be paid, God asked us to give our car away to a stranger and while waiting for a bus, we lost the baby... all within a couple week span. The numb was stinging. But because we don't find our hope in this world, we went to church and worshiped to the song "Blessed be your Name". We sang the lyrics, "when the darkness closes in Lord, still I will sing..." We chose to believe it, and then were allowed to experience it.

It became the most humbling period of time in our lives. I would NOT trade it for anything

Story 3:

After month's of having no income, God provided to me a job working landscaping with a good friend for a couple of months. The first day I came home feeling like I was literally about to die (sitting behind a microphone for a living will do that to a dude!). Krissy and I, as undaunted reproducers, held on to God's promises about a fully house. I have always wanted a daughter. It began a teenager watching Field of Dreams as Ray Kinsella loving put his daughter Karen to bed. I thought... "I want to love a daughter that way". I want to look at a little girl so full of fatherly love... so that she new that nothing could harm her cause Daddy is there.

I was working out in our basement one evening during the "trying" period and God said, "I'm going to give you a daughter and she will be the apple of your eye". Now that's cool thing to hear. So I held on to it.

It was a rainy fall day, we were driving in the over sized Diesel truck, and I was damp through 3 layers of clothing. Packing it in for the day I borrowed my friend's cell phone to tell my wife that I would be home a little late. She seemed to be a little goofy/giddier that usual. "What's your deal?" I asked. "I'm pregnant" she nonchalantly said. I big smile came over my spirit. Aislin: Meaning vision

Story 4:

When my wife and I were dating, one of the first "getting to know you" things she shared with me was that she wanted 6 kids. We've haggled a bit, but when it comes to family, I've determined that God listens to her first. And that's not a joke, but to her it's one of those very Biblical "Desires of her heart". It's a key to her destiny. I want more that 2 kids... without even thinking... but when a mind begins to think... it thinks about money... space of the house... number of bedrooms... SANITY!

God spoke to Krissy this summer that it was time for #3. In fact, God's been speaking to us about this one for about 3 years. We know the sex, name, personality, part of the destiny... it's very exciting. I was apprehensive, even going as far as to say that I didn't want a 3rd until I was ready. Flesh arrogance. I "cycle" went by with me living in stubborn disobedience, when God finally confronted me. I met up with my family camping after work a few months ago and shared this news with my wife who gave me a bold, "I told you so" type reaction.

We knew the time is now... that the baby does not belong to us... and that it would not take long. We went away a few weeks ago on our first vacation in many years, with many of our family and friends joking about coming back pregnant. The joke was on them. God had already told Krissy that she was. We almost didn't even confirm it we were so sure. And God was right.
In April... little Carrol #3 will be here.

She came... Brianna's now one and a bit.

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