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19 August 2008

The Best of Big Ear: Bits and Pieces

One of my fav's that had a great comment chat back on July 27th of 2006.

Bits and Pieces

Stop what you're doing and look down. Wait... that won't work. OK, get a mirror, and look behind you. Those are your buttocks. We all have them. Deep thoughts with Dave.

This thought occurred to me today as I drove to work after seeing girl, after girl, after girl, on the walking on the street with their little short shorts strutting their "stuff"... soaking up the all-too-short Canadian summer.

It's funny that we attempt to flaunt our body, since everyone is built with the very same bits and pieces. For some reason people feel like what WE have is even somewhat unique or special, when, it's the same bum, or breasts, or one-eyed trouser snake that BILLIONS of others have... it just happens to be growing on you.

There is line in the Train song, "Calling all Angels" that says...

"When children have to play inside so they don't disappear. And private eyes solve marriage lies cause we don't talk for years. And football teams are kissing Queens, and losing sight of having dreams; In a world that what we want is only what we want until it's ours"

I hate that the last line is true. But why else would infidelity be so, almost institutionalized in our culture. We're overbearing, ravenous, consumers of EVERYTHING. And once we get what we want, we're after something else... and human bodies fall into this category. They are beautiful and desirous things. We're built to be excited by them. They are awesome gifts that we get to present to our chosen partner for their pleasure. Becoming "one flesh and one spirit" is an overwhelming, powerful, spiritual experience. I'm a big fan personally.

But we always seem to want more. Follow this rabbit down the hole, and you'll find that when you give yourself over to this method of thinking, you'll never be satisfied. Because EVERYONE has these parts. I do... you do... your 85 year old grandfather has them... and thanks to the little blue pill... now he can still use them... Shudder.

We're addicted to the infatuation stage of relationships. How many love songs are about anniversary's??? They're all about first kisses, first dates, romantic tingles... Infatuation stuff.

Proverbs 5:

18 May your fountain be blessed,
and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth.

19 A loving doe, a graceful deer,—
may her breasts satisfy you always, may you ever be captivated by her love.

If I wanted to, I could choose to become sexually infatuated with another woman (not if I want to keep my testicles but theoretically). Even if I physically acted on my thoughts, I'd find that there is nothing on the other side I don't already have with my wife. Far less actually. With my wife, I also find security, friendship, support... along with the physical part of life that we were made to enjoy.

And just for free... when the church gets free enough to talk about sex, we might actually start understanding what it means to have a Savior who is our DESIROUS bridegroom. So quit squirming and get free!

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