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21 August 2008

Best of Big Ear: The Church needs to come out of the closet

This was a fun one talking about a gay prof I had in college and the church's destructive response to homosexuality

The church needs to come out of the closet

When I was in college, one of the electives I choose (for whatever reason) was called "Social deviance". One of the topics we discussed was Homosexuality. We proceeded to discover that our professor was a gay rights activist that would not let anyone with a contrary opinion to his speak. By the end of the class, security guards were brought into class so that Christians were not allowed to speak. This is 100% true with no exaggeration. Once "Rick" discovered that I was a Christian, I could not even hand in a paper to him without him backing away in fear. He would not get within a 10 foot radius of me, even though I had been nothing but intentionally kind. I couldn't help but wonder, "What did the church do to hurt you this deep?"

But it doesn't take much searching into our "holy closet full of skeletons" to find the answer. We treat homosexuality with contempt, outrage, and harsh harsh judgment. It is just plain DISGRACEFUL that the church is this guilty in this area. I have news for you... We are dead wrong and owe many people a lot of apologies. Not because homosexuality is right or acceptable, but here's a sobering thought... In Romans, the other issues listed along with it are things like Jealousy, Discord, Selfishness, Envy. Ever had issues with those??? Yes??? Why??? Because you're a human and you'll be attacked in whatever area you are susceptible to. It doesn't matter to the devil if you live a life bound by Homosexuality or bound by ambition.

Even with the great and wonderful post modern church (sarcasm), Homosexuality is still so taboo, nearly all who struggle with it will never share it with brothers in Christ for fear that it will bring judgment. And this is likely a justified thought. How would you feel if you were in this position. We claim to be free from our sins while heaping judgment on others. It's prideful and it's wrong wrong wrong. Allow this to be spoken about without joking or shame. It will create a place where it can be another (in our long line of human struggles) burden to be shared by our Savior and his body, instead of a heavy, shame-filled, secret that is carried solely by so many.

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