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20 August 2008

Best of Big Ear: I want to be in Ghana Today

I remember writing this on one of the frustrated about work/life/culture lunch hour drives. Ha! We've all had them.

I want to be in Ghana today

I went for a drive over my lunch hour and popped in a CD full of Ghanaian Gospel "Highlife" music that a friend brought me from Accra last year. The 30 degree sun and the equatorial rhythms brought me right back to one of my favorite places on earth. Today... I just wish I was there.

-I want to be shocked that Ghanaian music doesn't sound like Ladysmyth Black Mambazzo
-I want to drink an orange "Fanta" sitting in the sun
-I want big bowl of Fufu with goat meat in it and I want to eat it with my hands
-I want to drink water out of baggie
-I want to walk down the street and be called "Oh brunie" or the Ga version "Blufonyo"
-I want to feel the refreshing evening breeze that cooled the earth after a 35 degree day
-I want to eat a Ghanaian donut fried fresh from the marketplace
-I want to wear ugly flip flops but call them "Charlie Wate"
-I want to cheer the Black Stars in the World Cup
-I want to get stuck in traffic with nothing to do but soak up the tunes and have street vendors bidding on my hat
-I want to walk down the street and have people be KIND and say... get this... "Hello!"
-I want to hang with real men of God and not have to deal with piddly little North American egos and our stupid, self-created, and self inflicted North American issues that leave us impotent, running in circles and arrogant
-I want worship to be worship... done by all... with no professionalism at all. No record deals. No whining over chords and which song should be played.... JUST WORSHIP... FOR A LONG TIME...
-I want to see a chicken's head cut off in the Sunday school... just once
-I want to watch reruns of Silver Spoons, GI Joe, and catch up with Ezmeralda
-I want the spirit world to be seen instead of being lost in our hidden goulash of secrecy and denial
-I want to see huts on the Ocean again
-I want the feeling of a post work shower, and a morning washdown
-I want Kiliwilli for diner... and hot pepper stew on rice... and Fanyogo
-I want to be genuinely engaged by my surroundings
-I want to learn through success and not failure
-I want to be around people living real life and not soft, over-suckled tit drinkers frightened like a schoolgirl by anything less than climate controlled luxury

Ah... check it out... my first inappropriate for public consumption blog rant. Feels good. The reality is that I know where I'm called and who I'm called to for this season in my life. Ezekiel is the man. He was called to a "difficult people"... you know... his own people. He ate the scroll and found favor with God. I choose to do the same, because being in Ghana right now would be intentionally putting myself and family out from the blood covering... and I sure don't want to be there.... but I sure miss it and those who live there. So pressing on....

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