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22 August 2008

Best of Big Ear: These are my "those were the days"

I wrote this the day after having my best friends and mentors dedicate all 3 of our kids. It was a really memorable day. (Today is our 10th anniversary BTW! Since I wrote this last Friday... I'm predicting that right now I'm sitting by the ocean... doing nothing... ahhhh...)

These days are my "Those were the days"

These are my "those were the days"

The first fruits of a laden orchard.

My future is bright. It's so bright.
There is nothing but sun on the path I'm headstrong down.
Shadows only look like shadows if I allow them to.

These are my "those were the days"

I'll see these days with brightly tinted goggles of time.
I'll see my children grow; the shrieks that ring so loud now will be distant whispers.
I'll see my church launch into new lands; the color of growth-aches that rob sleep will have faded.
I'll see my city construct the tools of maturity; the street-fight wounds will have long scabbed over.

These days are my "those were the days".

Days that are fond.
Days that are nervous and teetering.
Days that are illusive to hold in my hand.

Days that are on a full court press for scrutiny before the jury of time decrees.
The day of rest is dependent on "those were the days".
THAT day... I'll sit in the sun and spin about "those" days

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