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7 August 2008

A "Dave's Brain" Play by Play

Did you even realize that "blog" is short for web log? See... I did not know that. So today, seeing as how I'm actually really busy at work... I'm gonna (in 15 minute intervals or so) tell you the excruciating minutia of the thousand monkeys on a thousand typewriters that is my brain.


I'm tired. The dude I work with in my creative department is on holiday so I'm by myself in my office cave again today. In the last 2 days... I've written ads for 3 interior decorators and 3 women's clothing stores... i seem like the one who has his finger on THAT pulse don't I? And I have about a dozen more ads to write in the the next two days. Woot as the kids say. They all say woot.


Wouldn't a thousand monkeys on a thousand typewriters be amazing? I'll bet you'd get ticks though. But it's all the bananas you can eat.


As much as I never want to go to a Smooth Jazz show... I almost want to see WHO is at a Smooth Jazz show.


Oh man I feel so dirty... I just participated in a "who's gonna win So you Think you can Dance" discussion.

OK so I think Twitch will win OK??? Leave me alone.


I sent 61 work emails yesterday. Yep. I did.


I think Sleep Country... while they might sell a soft mattress... schedules their radio ads in a very weird way. This information means absolutely nothing to you; I understand if you'd prefer to look away.


Uncle Stevie Harper sent this to my house
I like Uncle Stevie. But he needs a "pimp my PM" makeover... and I don't like that he's sending out stupid crap to homes when there's been no election called... calling young people "THUGS". I don't like that.


When you say to someone on the phone, "We have nothing available right now, but we'll definitely keep you in mind"... what you really mean is... "I'll forget your name as soon as I hang up the phone."


11:11... just sayin.


Wow... I just wrote an ad I actually like for a Pet Store. Doesn't happen that often.

(Sounding like a BBC documentary)

Gushy British Accent: Nigel Popplebottom reporting from ______ … today we learn golf tips from pets. When playing the fade into the wind, how much stance compensation should be made?

Cat: Meow

GBA: Well… what advantage would curling up a ball and purring be?
Cat: Meow meow

GBA: Oh pish posh a catnip ball wouldn’t carry half as far as…

Cat: (sassy) meow

GBA: Oh you win

Announcer: Pet’s from ________. Terrible golfers. Great friends. Come see their huge store and actually play with your new friend before taking them home.


Just had a great discussion about the ups and downs of polygamy. It think it would be hard since it's not really just a "not monogamous" relationship... it's a multi-committed relationship! Dang...
shall we pray for brother polygamist for a moment...

Dear Lord.
Give my polygamist brethren the ears to hear what their many angry wives are saying...


I think I'll have lunch and think about this...


Ahhhh... having meetings about church things is a smoothing brain oasis for me. No really. I love it. Not being sarcastic. My church rocks. And I ate chicken fingers.


Conversation #2 about so you think you can dance. When that judge starts on her "hot tamale train" I get panicked and hope that either her or me explode as soon as possible to make the pain stop.

On the plus side we also talked about Arrested Development... so I found my happy again.

"I blue myself Michael"
Tobias Funke


Home designer girl don't like my script? Oh well. I'm still thinking about Arrested Development. Happy happy happy. Remember Carl Weather's obsession with stew?


Just voiced an arts report, a Jazzfest, and some Sleep Country tags. I remember when being in a studio was a novelty. Actually... no I don't remember that.


Did you realize that it's been 20 years since Ben Johnson broke Canada's heart? Remember when he raced a horse for money?


I hate talking about money. Especially when there isn't enough. Actually ONLY because there isn't enough. My dream gig is to give away gob's of money to smart people with an honest desire to impact their communities for Jesus. I'll love talking about money then.


Well I picked up a tent from some friends as we're going to give camping one more go tomorrow night. This one will be way better for me... since I'm going to sleep at home and meet up with Krissy, my sister and the kids Saturday morning.

This doesn't look so good though...


I think my favorite Old Testament Laws to break are the ones about not eating pork.


As the Jays game gets under way... Jared and Aislin are giggle fighting over whether his name is AJ Burnett or AJ Burlett. Gold Jerry Gold.

Brianna? She's hitting my leg with a stick. Equally funny


I'm now eating leftover funeral cake. Mmmm...


I wonder if the Jets traded for Brett because so they could call themselves "Brett and the Jets". I wonder if anyone told Kid Rock that "things" and "things" aren't really good rhyming lyrics?


Krissy is at a friend's house who has young kids and are also subjected to hour after mindless hour of Dora The Explorer. She made me email them the link for THIS. If you know Miss Dora... you'll love Maraka


Was just reading Todd Cantelon's Blog (planted Freedomize church in TO and hosted FreeTV). He's starting a site called www.christiansex.ca. Check out this snippet from his blog about this site (which I don't think actually exists yet) where he recalls an interaction that happened during a councilling session...

You know what? I've had that exact conversation with Christians about to get married... freaked because they know nothing about what real sex is.


I don't know why... but the links on my blog have all mysteriously turned purple. Why blog gremlins? Are you still mad that that kid put a gremlin in a microwave back in the movie? That was a long time ago Gremlin. Get over it!!!


Oh wait... it fixed it. Sorry. it was formatting... not gremlins

could have sworn it was gremlins


Alright... that's it. I did or thought nothing for the last hour.


The Bean Bag Chair said...

you only have a thousand monkeys?!!!

Rick_the_cat said...

you're a strange little man sometimes there my brother

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