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30 August 2008

The Meek

This verse keeps echoing my mind.

Matthew 5:5
Blessed are meek, for they will inherit the earth

I'm preaching about it tomorrow at church... but I'm still trying to wrap my mind around just how and why the meek inherit the earth. Quite a subversive, powerful thought really. The whole Beatitude speech was! It's almost hard to justify in our minds. Remember this scene from "The Life of Brian" as the crowd tries understand what Jesus is talking about?

MAN #1:
I think it was 'Blessed are the cheesemakers.'
Ahh, what's so special about the cheesemakers?
Well, obviously, this is not meant to be taken literally. It refers to any manufacturers of dairy products.
MAN #2:
You hear that? Blessed are the Greek.
The Greek?
MAN #2:
Mmm. Well, apparently, he's going to inherit the earth.
Oh, it's the meek! Blessed are the meek! Oh, that's nice, isn't it? I'm glad they're getting something, 'cause they have a hell of a time.
The meek inherit the earth eh? Hmmm...

1 comment:

Mike said...

The greek and then Hebrew provide a lot of insights. Have fun with this.

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