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25 August 2008

Reality Hopping

Well I'm back from the Dominican Republic. Didn't get to bed last night until almost 2am, then up off to work first thing in the morning. Haven't had the time to process our hundreds of pics yet but I'm sure I will soon.

A plethora of thoughts rolled through my mind while sitting in the sun (some reruns and some freshies). This was my first time at an all inclusive resort. It was lovely, relaxing, and easy living... but it's like Groundhog day. If we had had an alarm clock in our room, I'm sure that every morning "I've got you babe" would have greeted us.

You can bank on the fact that what is happening at the Ocean Blue Resort in Punta Cana right now is the same as what happened yesterday. Right now someone in a blue shirt is leading an awkward aqua-aerobics class. Right now there is a man walking around with a parrot on his shoulder and glittered pink sunglasses shouting "Hola senior". Right now there are tanned, wet, people piling multi-colored nachos on plate from the all-you-can-eat nacho bar on the beach.

It's an artificially created reality... but a reality none the less.

There are so many "realities" going on this planet right now. This is what I was thinking about as I watched the sun set from above the clouds over the Atlantic Ocean last night. I woke up in one reality... and went to sleep in another. Airplanes are like a little time machine transporting from one reality to another. What an age we live in, that as a 31 year old... I can say that I've experienced "realities" in Africa, Asia, The Caribbean and North America.

Maybe air travel shouldn't so shocking to me. But being able to see the world and experience different realities is VERY new to mankind. For much of time... we've had our place, our lot in life dictated to us by our place of birth. I haven't processed our pictures yet but we traveled up into the mountains and toured coffee plantations and cigar rolling shacks where generations were born, lived, did the same thing as their dad, and died.

But these days... things are different. If you want to, you can come down the mountain and leave. One guy who I made friends with told me that there are 9 million Dominicans on the island... and 1 million in the USA. That's A LOT! It says a lot too... I'm just not entirely sure WHAT it says yet when you consider how new "reality hopping" is. I'm not sure it's impact on how the "collective we" think has fully manifested itself yet. I think it's good. I think.

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