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10 August 2008

Two of the funnier things I've seen in a while

Cat herding... it's just what you think.

A "Font Conference"

Wide Latin is my fav. That reminded me of my first ever blog post in April 06... ranting about Comic Sans and Wing dings. "Mailbox! Mailbox!"

I love it when people put a high amount of production into completely pointless things. Them's me people.


@ngie said...

Those are great videos. :-)


Mike said...

I got a laugh out of the cat video. Thanks for sharing.

Valorosa said...


Jeff said...

I liked the font one until the end. The whole Comic Sans being the hero really ruined it. Comic Sans should have been the loser that all the other fonts beat up because he is too dumb. :P

(Seriously. Comic Sans sucks lol)

Dave Carrol said...

Jeff it's true... comic sans should not be the "hero"... but surely comic sans has his place in the font universe.

it's so widely used and loved that there MUST be a home for a font such as he

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