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16 August 2008

Why do I like leaving the Great White North?

Because every time I get the chance to leave Canada, I learn more about it... and it refreshes my passion for it.

I'm convinced that there are things that you can only fully realize about your culture by leaving it. When I have friends who go away on missionary adventures (or even holidays) I try to get them to be culturally analytical. Make note of the things that are similar... and the things that are different. When you live in a culture-bubble... you, eat it, and breathe it and pass it through your lower intestine. You end up assuming that:

bubble = right

There are things that are universally human and there are things that are just our habits. Habits are expendable. But some things are bigger and are worth fighting for. The trick is in the identification of the absolutes.

I find it very refreshing to get our of system and our habits for a time. It's a generous serving of perspective that infuses the day to days of coming home with fresh motivation. I really REALLY dislike routine. I know some thrive on routine, but it drowns me. But we all live with a degree of routine in life so finding how to keep it fresh is vital. Taking a new look at our culture, and then knowing that what I'm doing is effectively spurring people on to "love and good deeds", makes all the difference to me.

I don't care for culture bubbles... but I'm passionate about my country.
When I leave it... I love it more.

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