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27 August 2008

You Goggled WHAT and found me??

It's the most wonderful time of the month. Time for "You Goggled WHAT and found me?" I got some beauties this month, so let's do the top 20 shall we?

1. "Olympic wedgie"

This was BY FAR the most Googled thing on my blog this month. I believe I received an Olympic wedgie just outside of the tech wing at North Park in week 2 of Grade 9.

I can tell you that I wasn't doing cartwheels after

2. "doug factor"

He was running late that night... but what no one accounted for was the (dun dun dah) doug factor! I have no idea what that means.

3. "an oak tree fell on our house"

We should start a support group. I'll bring the scones.

4. "brantford ont jeepers used"

Is this becoming our "rep"? Yeah in Brantford they all say jeepers. Are we like Shelbyville to your Springfield?

5. "Billy Connolly long nasal hair"

Let's check...

It appears that he does. Next.

6. "carved pumpkin bride groom"

What a glorious ceremony it was as the Great Pumpkin finally married Linus... who was wearing only a blanket.

&. "Dave Carrol gay?"

Shut up Ernie... i told you not to say anything. I was planning on selling my story to Vogue.

8. "do gymnasts ever get photographed nude"

I don't know about gymnasts but there was a couple of people engaged in "acts" without clothes on being photographed on our beach at about 1pm in Punta Cana. Ask my wife about that story. She tells it VERY passionately.

9. "frank caliendo nude"

Yucky. He's not nude in this clip... but anyone who can go on a rant about Kim Jong Il as Charles Barkley is OK in my books

10. "how do you tell a christian missionary you think there lazy bums"

Ummm... I wouldn't tell him that. That's a tough conversation to have. "As if the throng of angry Pygmies resisting conversion aren't enough... my friend thinks I'm lazy. Dang it."

11. "i wanna taste the salt of your skin"

Ernie... I told you NO

12. "melon et érections"

i love the extra touch of class the accent aigue gives on the word erections.

13. "oak trees + john Lennon"

HE didn't make that tree fall on my house did he? DID HE?

14. "play online -download adventure game +talk use find -battle -action -downloads -buy -multiplayer"

I'm not sure we can be friends

15. "pre-victorian spanking"

Things were way different back then. It's where the term, "going medieval on your as* came from. Hard core baby. Show them kiddies.

16. "reason why a person with a big ears will have a long life"

There are so many... but the main one is because they are stunningly handsome. And Charming. And Verile.

17 and 18: In the gibberish category we have "rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" and "shoooooo bop bop"

Right back at ya folks

19. "starbucks boob"

Did they make some menu additions while I was out of the country? I know they are trying to pep up their brand but wow!

20. "testicle souvenirs"

I don't know where you're traveling too... but I'm not carpooling with you.


Anonymous said...

I love frank caliendo, but I don't want to see him nude.

I love that video

Dave Carrol said...

I'm still a bit wigged by the testicle souvenirs

pretty weird

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