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8 September 2008

Dang I write a lot of bra ads

I honestly do. It's one the business types that loves to advertise on my radio station. I've written A LOT of bra ads over the years.

-I've been to the bra stores.
-I've tried to get inside of the mind of an upscale bra wearer.
-I've written dialogue between women discussing the bra world.
-I know about the custom fitting
-I know how the best "certified fit consultants" can tell your breast size best through the "hands on" method.
- I know that 85% of woman are wearing the wrong sized bra. While I don't know first hand what this feels like... if 85% percent of people were wearing the wrong sized pants... that would be uncomfortable.

But I just set a record for the bra ad advertising the Largest cup size. An "L Cup". I had no idea that such a storied cup actually existed. In fact... I even shared the information during my MC gig of the "Brantford Rocks" Festival. As I did, a jive-talkin' teen looked up at me and said, "that's a hell of a cup". Agreed jive talkin' teen. Agreed.

Most bra stores advertise very poorly (as if anyone cares). This is what I just wrote for this client. I hope they go for it. It will be my best bra ad ever.

(Kids going wild in the background)

Busy Mom: Between diaper changes and making peanut butter sandwiches… oh wait… peanuts are bad now… ham sandwiches… I’ll NEVER be able to make a SPECIFIC bra fitting appointment. Are you kidding me??? So my choices are “A” go to S****** where EVERYONE in the store can fit me perfectly on MY schedule… or “B”… walk around town hanging out of a department store bra. I’m going with “A”. THESE girl need proper support.

(kids cry)

Busy Mom: Lord knows THIS girl does.

Announcer: ******… Sizes “A”through “L”. … any time you’re ready.

God Bless you bras. I've enjoyed your work for many years.


dwaneparsons said...

Amen and amen.

Dave Carrol said...

selah brother dwane

Paul Wilkinson said...

Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where George is selling bras and his father, in a moment that is incredibly awkward for George, is trying to make sure he knows all about the cups...

Dave Carrol said...

ah yes the "bro".

"ya got your A..."

Anonymous said...

ROFL - Men writing bra ads. You seem to know your boobies though. Hysterical post, Dave!!


Mike said...

"Hands on fitting". I bet a ton of men apply for that job. What are the qualifications?

Anonymous said...

Mike: The first qualification is no penises allowed. LOL!! You're a stinker, aren't you?


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