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28 September 2008

Even David Crowder knows that Jesus is like a Mountie... ZAP!

If you're a part of Christendom and have access to this so-called-INTER-NET... you've likely seen Sonseed's "Jesus is my Friend". It's got it all. Foxy Backup Singers... A hard rockin' Lead Guitar player, cuttingly sharp lyrics... it's the whole package baby.

I found the blog of guy who introduced the clip to the internet at a blog called "dougspoitation". He had a mysterious homemade videotape of his Sonseed heros and was on a mission to find out more. So he tracked down "Sal" the lead singer of Sonseed and did an interview with him! Turns out... they were a Catholic Band on multi-denominational show on WNBC in New York where priests and rabbi's would normal debate issues. Sonseed was the first musical act they'd ever had! What a kickoff! Best revelation is that Sal married Olive the organist! She could wail. Sadly... they are no long together. Oh the times we live in where even crazy cats like these 2 can't stick it out.

But my favorite "Jesus is my friend" moment so far is that this phenomenon has now spread right into the trendiest of the trendy churches. David Crowder closed out a service at his home church with it! Yes sir... this is awesome.


I admittedly think too much about things... but what an impact You Tube and Web 2.0 is having on society in every way. I feel another blog coming about this. Maybe next week's "Hot Topics" at FH.


dwaneparsons said...

Hey Dave;
I found this neat quote on the web pertaining to the guys who did Jesus is my friend.
(I put the link at the bottom)

Ok, I thought that was a fun piece of music and was sure it was authentic. Curiosity got the better of me, looked up the lead singer on WhitePages and gave him a call. Sal Polichetti, a lovely guy. Told him there was a controversy about whether Sonseed existed or not, about this post. He was totally friendly and likable. Turns out he works in NYC, a couple of blocks from where I live.

I asked him if I could take notes as we spoke and said ok. This is what he said:

When the song came out on YouTube and he got all these random emails and calls, the first thing he looked for his copyright and he has it, registered it in 1981.

The band got together around 1979/1980, kind of an accident through a friend, Joseph, connected with Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Brooklyn, they all met, played for Pentecost Sunday. They kept in touch, met, prayed for an hour, all Catholic. It was quite innovative at that time, no Catholic rock music then. How he wrote the songs, the band members took hymnals, added guitar solos and drum solos, ended up doing local concerts at churches and schools, never took a dime. 18 to 20 rotating performers at one time.

Recording studio in Brooklyn, 9 original songs. Sold record at cost, gave records away. Somebody sent the record to NBC and it was played on a show, The First Estate, Channel 4. They lipsynched. The people who ran that show thought Jesus Is a Friend was “catchy and snappy”.

The band, Sonseed, sold 1100 tickets at a concert and gave the money away to charities, like to soup kitchens.

The band lasted to “late ‘83”. The keyboard player was his first wife.

He got an email from a blogger in California who had showed the videotape to friends over the years and Doug heard about it.

Sal has a video of their last concert, their drummer passed away 15 years ago.

Father Joseph Ciccone, a band member, (now a priest) then worked for an advertising agency, he designed the logo and the album cover.

And that's it. He was a total gentleman. And real.

Dave Carrol said...

its honestly really quite something. I'm stunned at the rate this song has made the rounds.

I had 3 or 4 email it to me. It's pretty awesome really.


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