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11 September 2008

Hey what are you doing between 2 and 4:30am tonight?

If your answer is "Well Dave... I plan to drink 8 cups of coffee and stay up to watch live Christian Call-in Television"... you're in luck.
Cus I'll be co-hosting the show for the first time in about 8 years.

When I got back from Ghana, I got a job directing and hosting this very rare show. It's literally 2 and a half hours of live, coast to coast, commercial free, call in, unscripted television. Throwback TV gigs like that don't come around very often. I hosted Nite Lite every Monday night with my brother for a year. We called in the "Monday Night Nite Lite Extravaganza"

We fielded calls everywhere from a man who thought he was Ezekiel and claimed to be coming back to earth via the Mortal Kombat video game... to a lady who wanted the recipe for Myrrh so she could bathe in it like Esther. We had people send us novelty toys that cursed (Cussin' Gus) and sharp yellow dress shirts. We had our hotmail addresses hacked and ate regularly at an all-night Burger King. It was a blast.

We also got to chat with a whole lot of people who couldn't sleep for various reasons. Marriage breakups. Faith crisis's. Stewing about "that one thing". You know "that one thing". It's the thing that makes you stare at the ceiling for hours. "That one thing" that you just have to get off your chest. That's what makes Nite Lite cool. You're the smile on TV during a long dark night who you can actually talk to. It's been a long time between shows for me and I'm looking forward to talking with ya. You should call.

If you do watch and you've got a comment... leave a message here on the blog or email me


lyn's lyrics and lifenotes said...

That's what PVRs are for. I'll sleep and watch it later ;-) I still have an old VCR tape (if it hasn't disintegrated) of you and Rick partying on your final night of Nite Lite. You guys were awesome. Enjoy the evening Dave - you were made for this.

Paul Wilkinson said...

Wow! We both have a Crossroads / CTS connection... I was the original audio engineer for the first dozen or so daily broadcast of 100 Huntley Street. I know where all the skeletons are buried.

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