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12 September 2008

I'm now in hour 31 of 45 sleepless hours

I could use a Jolt Cola. I wonder if they make it in diet?

"Diet Jolt Cola... all the flavor... twice the caffeine... none of the calories... with a new elk aftertaste!"

They told me I couldn't... work twice... spend time with the family... host a TV show... do a prayer meeting and run an all night street BBQ... WITH NO SLEEP.

Time will tell indeed Fictina. Hope I don't pass out on the grill at 2am. Although... I DO get pretty loose lipped when I hit the 40 hour mark without sleep. I might be a wild party tonight.

Best line from last night's Nite Lite...

Caller: "If I came to your church, would it be OK I was a musician kind of Christian instead of a ritual killing kind of Christian?"
Me: Why yes. That would be better.

Oh yeah... and thing that's made me laugh the hardest today... this is Democratic VP to be Joe Biden yesterday

Chuck's in wheelchair.
Chuck ain't gettin' up
Stand up for Chuck.

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