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24 September 2008

The Message IS the Message

The thing about Random Acts of Kindness that is VITAL to remember when it comes to Evangelism... is that you can't forget perspective.  

You can never forget that doing good things is not what makes the difference when push comes to shove.  Not for you... and not for those who you're doing good for. Random Acts of Kindness are the medium.  Jesus is the message.  

Marshall Mcluhan was wrong when it comes to Evangelism.  The Message is the Message.  The medium is simply the medium.  Mediums are interchangeable and disposable.  The Message rocks the Kazbah.  It's a liberating, somewhat offensive, breath of freedom.  

Many argue the fairness of such a policy.   But it's a shortsighted argument.  It's the kind of JUST that makes Kings and Paupers equals.  

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