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7 September 2008

My friend Keith

My friend Keith has set up a new blog that you should really follow here. Keith fascinates me. He's the exception to many rules.

Keith is a born and raised Presbyterian who encountered Jesus, alone, by watching 100 Huntley Street... because of intellectual curiosity. So to learn more... he wandered down the street, by himself, to the radical blue church.

He came to one of my young adult services... was completely confused... but was totally intrigued as he quickly began to find himself interacting with the God of the Book.

Keith heard God this summer and is about to get in his car this week and drive. As far South as he can go. I told him he HAD to blog his way through this AMAZING God-trip. His first post yesterday has one of the most profound descriptions of our relationship with God that I've ever heard.

I read this and could have sworn it was from a CS Lewis book or something:

Increasingly my existence is qualified by a mysterious connection of my heart to a supernatural entity that is forever outside of my comprehension and that I fumble to describe. I’ve never seen it and can’t explain it, but it exerts incredible force on a part of me, and in a way which, I don’t understand. But there is intelligence and compassion in it: life. . . personality. It has gained my trust and won my love, even returning it a thousand-fold. It has shown me truth and revealed His face.
Keith Cripps

I'm so proud of Keith. I really take a LOT of joy out of seeing people "get free, live free, free others". His post-baptism sparkler dance will be a picture that forever sticks in my mind.

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