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5 September 2008

Phil Joel's "The New Normal"

Just downloaded Phil Joel's new album "The New Normal" from Noisetrade.com

Went for an ipod lunch walk and gave it a once over. I like it. Pink Elephant is the track that stands out to me. It's kinda like a later Beattles type song

Phil's got a cool story. He was a member of the Newsboys for many years but things changed. This is from ChristianMusicPlanet.com

Joel’s pastor hit him with a pretty convicting question: Are you spending intimate time with God every day? Joel had to admit the answer was no. But he set out to reverse that, and a year of faithful Bible-reading later, he and his wife, Heather, noticed a dramatic difference in their lives. They decided to launch deliberatePeople.com, a resource for those looking to grow spiritually through daily Bible time and prayer.
Isn't that just like God... changing people as they get closer to Him. It's almost as if what we do isn't as important as who we are. Hmmm...

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