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18 September 2008

PLEASE call it beer and popcorn money again! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

Ken Dryden was in Brantford yesterday, likely speaking in a slow, droning voice about Stephane Dion's proposed 1.25 billion dollar child care program... and reminding us why Canadian's shouldn't be trusted with our own money. From today's Brantford Expositor:

The difference is no more stark than in the area of early learning and child care, said Dryden.

He spent the bulk of his time extolling the virtues of a $1.25-billion national child-care program that was unveiled by Liberal Leader Stephane Dion in a campaign stop earlier in the day in Kitchener.

The program, which would result in 165,000 new child-care spaces across Canada, is a refined and enlarged version of one introduced by Dryden, while he was minister of Social Development during the former Paul Martin minority government.

It was quickly thrown out by the incoming Stephen Harper government in 2006, and replaced with a monthly $100 a child credit, which parents can spend as they see fit.

Dryden said the Tory program does not address in any way the real problems of affording proper day care or creating any new spaces. "Whatever money it is, it has done zero for early learning and child care," he said.

Ultimately, said Dryden, the Liberal program is about giving a child a decent chance at a good future.

Zero for childcare and giving kids a descent chance at a good future eh? See you're in luck Kenny because I'm the exact person that is benefiting that extra 100 dollars a month. Programs like this have made it possible for my wife to not HAVE to back to work. We get to give our kids the blessing of spending their early years with their parents!

You'll remember this issue from 2006 right? The Beer and Popcorn?

Don't give people 25 bucks a day to blow on beer and popcorn. Give them child-care spaces that work."
Former PM Paul
Martin's communications director, Scott Reid,

Best... quote... ever.

Well two years down the road and I have to admit that every couple of months my wife and I will buy a four pack of microwave popcorn at a total of 5 bucks. So that's 30 bucks a year... so 60 dollars in 2 years on popcorn. Guilty as charged. My beer consumption is noticeably less than 30 bucks a year. Sorry Scotty.

In the diaper department however... it's a different story. I'd add up how much we've had to spend on poop bags but I think I'd cry right here and now. I don't make a high on the hog salary as a radio writer, neither did my wife as a social service worker. We both help lead a church for nothing, give to many areas of need, and are active members in our community. Frankly... it's not a good financial decision and is very difficult to afford having one spouse at home raising our kids during their formative years. But we do it anyway. Because it's of value to us... and many other Canadians too.

But WHAT an investment in families. I believe in the philosophy of get free, live free, free others. I believe that our families should be given the chance to be healthy and when they are... that family now has the responsibility to pay it forward and help take care of those who need to get on their feet. I'd trust a healthy, free, family investing in their community that they care about more I'd trust a bureaucratic government program to.

Just sayin'.

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