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9 September 2008

Silly little political monkey poo flingers

If you have any poo, fling it now
Mason the Chimpanzee (Madagascar)

I wonder if there is any way that we could all not be so offended about politics? We've been through this process before. Let me put on my Carnac hat and tell you what's about to happen.

  1. Mr Blue will say something he means, believing it will help the country.
  2. Mr Red will disagree vehemently and fling poo at Mr Blue.
  3. Mr Blue will say, "oh yeah?" and fling poo back.
  4. Mr Red and Mr Blue will spend a month flinging poo from a bottomless pile of donor funded poo.
  5. Mr. Red and Mr. Blue will both pretended to be outraged to be covered in poo.
  6. You will go off on a "can't we all just get along" rant... "when will the poo flinging stop???" You'll say.
  7. Mr Blue will win the election... shake Mr. Red's hand... wink... knowing that the monkey dance was all part of the deal. No hard feelings.
  8. You'll have hard feelings.

What to learn from the parable of Mr. Blue and the flinging of poo? Don't take the poo so seriously. The Conservatives have launched a website called Notaleader.ca. It's terrific. From CTV.ca:

The slick site notaleader.ca contains such features as a"Dion excuse generator" where users can send an email to a friend using a Dion quote, such as "I didn't get it done", as an excuse.

The site is a mix of flash and html applications that give users the opportunity to:

  • Create and share their own campaign ads,
  • Play a Liberal policy gambling game,
  • Visit the "Dionbook," a Facebook knock-off,
  • Engage in street debating - a mixture of Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter
  • Get campaign updates on the NAL (not a leader) news site

Early Tuesday the site featured a puffin flying across the screen, pooping on Dion's shoulder. But it was quickly removed after reporters mentioned it during the Tuesday news conference.

AWESOME! Tech nerdship at it's finest. Outraged are you? Oh gimme a break Beavis. I'll bet you've laughed at Bush speech blunders on YouTube... or played that punch Bin Laden in the face internet game. It's a song and dance. Stephane Dion was mad though... Oooooo:

Dion dismissed the site and vowed that he will take the high road in the election campaign.

"This is saying more about them than about us," said Dion on Tuesday. He added: "I want to clarify my answer -- not about them, about him, because I know most Conservative voters will disagree with that and they may change their vote."

And because he's taking the "high road"... the Liberals launched scandalpedia.ca... a wiki ripoff telling all about the Conservative's "scandals". Awesome. Frankly I think that the point goes to Big Blue on this one for creativity.

It's a democracy dance. No one on the inside is getting hurt in this dance. It's actually much like a hockey fight where after it's done, both combatants walk away with black eyes, "good gaming" each other, and patting each other heterosexually on the butt over a well fought campaign. It will only hurt you if you let it. It may be time to not get so hurt by all this and look at it from a fresh perspective.

Use the flung poo. Listen to the poo. Then dig through the poo and find what the candidates are really saying. Of course we all just wish that modern democracy could be done without poo... but it appears not. So instead of wishing Mr Dion would scrub down before talking... just take a big ole sniff. Poo or no poo... voting is important. The reason poo is being flung is because the candidates believe different things. What do you believe?

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skittles said...

i believe i counted the word poo 19 times...well 18 plus one pooing :)

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