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1 September 2008

Subversive Meekness

I really enjoyed preaching yesterday. You can check out the Podcast and Powerpoint at the Freedom House Blog here. As I studied and prayed through Matthew 5:5 this week. I realized that meekness is really quite subversive. I rarely get to say this, but... in the original Greek "Meek" means:

And NOT in the original Greek, subversive means...

"an attempt to overthrow or cause the destruction of an established or legally constituted government."

Meekness is a humble submission and obedience to God that can overthrow the establishment of darkness in lives. You should read the story of Naaman and Elisha... where very simply and obediently, Elisha (through his servant) told Naaman to go wash himself in the river to be healed. Naaman throws an arrogant hissy-fit but does the simple request, without his expectation of fanfare, and is healed.

I found this interesting quote from Justin who was martyred in 165AD

We ourselves were well conversant with war, murder and everything evil, but all of us throughout the whole wide earth have traded in our weapons of war. We have exchanged our swords for plowshares, our spears for farm tools…now we cultivate the fear of God, justice, kindness, faith, and the expectation of the future given us through the crucified one…the more we are persecuted and martyred, the more do others in ever increasing numbers become believers.”

Yeah... you'd better kills a farmer who does kind things... and QUICK. You do NOT want a happy farmer roaming the hills. SCARY!

Why is meekness so subversive? Because there are A LOT of us with spiritual swords that look like ploughs fighting a battle we already know we win!

At our Friday night Barbecue outreach, I was standing near my friend Peter from Freedom House who was chatting with one of of the people on the street and I heard this REALLY cool exchange.

And I thought... YES! That's the truth. How hard is meekness? Not everyone can do every job in the world or play every role in the church... but come on... MEEKNESS? This what Freedom House is...

"We are not building a church… we ARE the church. We are building a ministry centre, where every member is a minister."

How hard is it to be humble, kind, submissive and obedient??? And it's a POWERFUL weapon. And comes with a terrific retirement plan. You know... THE WHOLE EARTH.


The Bean Bag Chair said...

thanx for this word...it's exactly what I needed to hear!

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