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17 September 2008

Taking the Random out of Random Acts of Kindness

I'm re-reading Steve Sjogren's book called "Conspiracy of Kindness". He's one of the guys who popularized the term "Random Acts of Kindness". He talks about a form of evangelism and outreach called "Servant Evangelism" that is SO easy and SO effective that a lobotomized monkey groomer's assistant could do it.

It's easy. You do something nice to someone else. Revolutionary eh?

It almost seems TOO simple. In fact it's so simple that this idea used to make me skeptical about it's ACTUAL effectiveness. But the methods talked about in Conspiracy of Kindness are also very Strategic, Holy Spirit led, and utilize people's specific giftings (which is so important).

This 5min short film was an award winner at the 2008 Cannes Film. It's called "The Story of a Sign". Give a view before continuing reading... (if you're reading this as a Facebook Note you'll need to click through to the blog)

Very well done. It made my mind go down a few different paths.

I know a lot people vilify him… but I love Bill Gates. Yes he makes money off his “creative capitalism” ideas as do Bono's business partners in his “Red” program… but they are using what they have and who they are to help. The businessman in this short film WAS “moved with compassion” and solved a problem using his gifting... which in this case was NOT dropping a Loonie in the cup or buying a sandwich.

Often those who are “called” to the business or the white collar world won’t even take a peek into the streets because they can use their gifting more effectively and find satisfaction elsewhere. There would be very little personal fulfillment in scooping soup. And while there CAN BE an arrogance to that… it’s also our (church leadership's) problem, in that we haven’t fully explored and released people with different passions to solve different problems.

Business Boy’s use of his “gifting” then RELEASED people with a “giving gifting” to be generous because it helped the need been noticed.

Random Acts of Kindness are best used when they are more like Intentional Acts of Service. It lets those with a passion to serve... serve. It lets those who are comfortable talking... talk. It lets the intercessors... pray. It lets the strategist... plan. And then the actual act of outreach combines hearing God with the activation of this wonderfully, simple, powerful principle:

Or do you show contempt for the riches of his kindness, tolerance and patience, not realizing that God's kindness leads you toward repentance?
Romans 2:4

Tonight at Freedom House, we're hanging out watching the movie "Pay it Forward" as we begin to walk down a cool new road of intentional servant evangelism. If you're in the Brantford area you should stop by.

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Mark said...

Hey Dave, good post (and video). I too agree that we need to free people up to follow their giftings more. Some people will argue that using one's gifting/abilities is not as pure as serving faithfully in a position where it's "all God" but I think that's crazy talk. We need to balance the servant's heart who does all he's asked and the uniquely gifted (and passionate) person who serves in an area because they're good and love it. OK, maybe that rant's a bit off topic . . . but hopefully I make sense!

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