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16 September 2008

Undeniable proof that God is real

Because after living through a decade of THIS

and THIS...

there are still churches open. If Church was a passing fad... it would have passed on like the New Kids on the Block. Oh wait... what do you mean they're back?

Sometime I don't know how the church made it out alive. My friend Matthew Paul Turner is about to release a new book called " Churched: One Kid’s Journey Towards God Despite a Holy Mess" in which he shares his often humorous journey growing up "in the church". I'm looking forward to it because:

  1. I'm getting a book to give away on my blog... so you could win a copy!
  2. There is so much that we now 30-something church kids shared. Bizarre lines of discussion that led to a generation wanting to know a God... who was made to seem like a deranged mental hospital escapee sometimes.

These are quotes from"Churched" from an early review

"For a fundamentalist, spotting sin was like going to Disney World.” And after enduring the yelling of a Sunday school teacher, Matthew ends the story with, “That’s when I began seeing a therapist.”

On Sunday school: “I was trained in Sunday school to spot the Devil. My teachers told me to watch out for roaring lions, disgruntled angels, women wearing low-cut blouses, and Billy Graham.”

On his pastor: “Pastor Nolan’s sermons were cruel and unusual punishment for people who had imaginations, sensitive eardrums, or someplace better to be.”

And, on movies: “A few months later Pastor Nolan proved my mother’s theory about Hollywood correct. Or at least, he supported it. He preached to my junior church class and told us that it didn’t matter if a person went to see a porn movie or Bambi, all of the money eventually trickled down to fund people who made the X-rated stuff. I didn’t know what pornography was, but the way Pastor Nolan described it, I was pretty sure miniskirts were involved.”

Honestly. The fact that we're still throwing our hands up this Sunday is UNDENIABLE proof that God is real.

1 comment:

Doug said...

Yes, undeniably real... and wondering when the kids will clean up the mess we made in church!

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