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10 September 2008

What's a "Urologist"?

 Tomorrow I have an appointment with something called a "urologist". Which begs the question... What's a urologist? Help me out Dictionary.com. 

Hmmm...OK... simple enough.  So what's urology? 

u·rol·o·gy  [yoo-rol-uh-jee] 
the scientific, clinical, and esp. surgical aspects of the study of the urine and the genitourinary tract in health and disease.

Hmmm... I understand "urine" but what's the gena-something-or-other???

Pardon me Billy but what a genital? 

Gen"i*tals\, n. pl. [From Genital, a.: cf. L. genitalia.] The organs of generation; the sexual organs; the private parts.

PRIVATE PARTS???  That I understand. So you're telling me that I'm going to the wee wee doctor tomorrow?  Holy schmokes.  Pray for  me Billy.  Pray like you've never prayed before.  


Jeff said...

Sometimes I get the feeling that you're TRYING to put odd stuff in your blog just so that you get stranger Google search responses....

Anonymous said...

I love the "it's hip to get snipped" little DIY vasectomy thingy. That made me choke on my water. Funny stuff there, buddy. Have fun at your urology appt. Just remember -- we have to go see the wee wee and the woo woo doctor at least once a year. You're getting off easy!!


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