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4 September 2008

What's your weirdest not-so-dirty little secret?

I was watching a commercial last night for the iphone. After I mopped the puddle of drool off the couch with a Sham-wow... the reality of my not-so-dirty little secret began to ring through my mind like the beating of the tell-tale heart.

If Poe has taught me anything it's... OK I'm not sure if Poe's taught me anything. But here's my weirdest not-so-dirty little secret:

I've never had a cell phone.

It's true. I think it's a combination of not being able to afford one when we got married a decade ago, and then realizing that everyone else has one if we ever really NEEDED one. Weird eh?

So there. My question is...

What's YOUR not-so-dirty little secret?
Do tell


Anonymous said...

I can't drink anything but milk with spaghetti. I am a milk junkie.

Heidi Reed

Dave Carrol said...

wow... JUST with spaghetti? That's awesome.

The only time I remember my Dad drinking beer with dinner was when we had chili. Then he'd ALWAYS have a beer. And sit there sweating from the very very mild chili

Anonymous said...

Well, yes I suppose so. I can't do water or soda with spaghetti. It must be milk. I usually try to drink milk at breakfast and at dinner anyway for the calcium (esp now that I'm preggie). But yeah - I can have other things with chicken or steak or whatever is for dinner. But with spaghetti -- must be milk -- the colder the better. Weird, huh?

Beer with mild chili. That's too funny!! My homemade chili would knock your dads sweat glands silly. I love my chili HOT and SPICY. Oh and I drink milk with chili too. Something about red sauce maybe? Hmmm. That's interesting. Except I don't drink milk with pizza.

I like beer with pizza or when we're grilling hamburgers or with spicy buffalo chicken wings. Yum!


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