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21 October 2008

Canadian Impressions

Dr. Stone, would you give the court your impression of Mr. Striker? I'm sorry, I don't do impressions... my training is in psychiatry."

I always find it very interesting to hear what people outside of Canada think about my county.

Yesterday I did a voiceover gig for an IKEA in Houston Texas with my "Polka Jim" voice (some of you know what I'm talking about) and I was instructed:

Watch those Canadian ABOOOTS in the word "about". It should sound like "uh-Bowwt" like "a bout of the flu"

Really eh? Okey Dokey then.
So I was doing an American accent in the voice of a slightly effeminate high talker as a Canadian suburban hoser. Look out Houston.

I asked my new friend Brian (who is from Europe) yesterday about his Canadian impressions after spending a week here in the great white north. He said:

  1. You're not Americans
  2. It's a large country leaving me with a sense of being over whelmed when it comes to kingdom transformation
  3. You guys are very relational

It's quite true on all fronts.

The East coast is VERY different from Quebec...
who is VERY different from Ontario...
who is VERY different from the Prairies...
who are VERY different from the West...
who is VERY different from the North...

And when you add the Native Canadians second "vessel" going along the same "river"... I count 7 very different areas of life in Canada. And they are often quite dissimilar in values, culture, language and priorities.

So if this is the case, how do you get over the "being over whelmed when it comes to kingdom transformation" if kingdom transformation is the goal?


Dave and Amy Carroll said...

hey! this is actually amy carroll as dave frequents the blog...occasionally. :) very funny to meet another dave carrol(l) out there. plus a christian... even better. i'll make sure to let him know.
how did you run across the blog?

Dave Carrol said...

actually I searched the google blog search thing for "Dave Carrol"... just to see what turned up.

And low and behold... Dave and Amy Carroll! Nice to meet some new Carroll's. I'm only 1 "L" but we can still be friends

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