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18 October 2008

Darwin's Nightmare

I watched a documentary last night called Darwin's Nightmare. It may be the most horrible thing I've ever seen in my life. This Academy Award Nominated Doc's premise is basically...

People introduced a gigantic monster fish into Lake Victoria that destroyed it's ecosystem completely. Then Europeans came and set up factories. They then paid Tanzanians pennies to fish for these monsters. Most end up working ALWAYS and dying from diving with crocodiles while their wives become prostitutes to the European workers and die from AIDS. But it's OK... since most in Tanzania were starving at the time... they would sell them a pile of rancid fish carcases at a hundred dollars a pile that made them sick.

Oh yeah... and the Russian planes that they hire to take the fish to Europe are actually bringing guns, bombs and tanks to Africa from arms dealers. The fish money is just to offset the cost of the flight. They target and fund the countries where wars are already raging while introducing new weapons to peaceful countries, while raping a land of its natural resource and sodomizing their passed out children who are high from burning and sniffing the plastic packaging of the fish plants.

"For Christmas, European children get grapes. The African children get guns. It's just business"
Russian pilot

I can't begin to even tell how sick this makes me. Sadly... this is not a stand alone story in Africa. My friend Emmanuel in Accra is investigating Europe and North American dumping their e-waste in Africa. And because of poverty... the ewaste is burned for its metal... thus poisoning the land and water and killing the people.

Somehow... someway... this has to stop.


skittles said...

stories like this make me so angry and then so sad b/c i don't know what i can do to stop it...

Dave Carrol said...

Actually i think you can. First... pray for the pastors in Tanzania. Even this documentary touched on the pastors trying to share hope in awful situations. Pray that they are effective "hope dispencers". When people on the ground get free and become bold... change on the ground can happen.

i actually also think that this is giant macro-problem. And that we as North Americans can support companies who invest in Africa and governments that support Third World Debt illimination and pray for right leadership in Africa. Lot's of Africa's issue are because of unpayable debt and corrupt leadership at the top.

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