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11 October 2008

Globe and Mail Endorses Harper

I'm not sure how I feel about newspapers endorsing political candidates... but they do. It's almost more palatable on a National level then by a local paper. I've seen my personal friends submarined by endorsements from the only show in town. And it didn't seem fair to me.

But I think this endorsement called "Harper is growing into the job" is a very good analysis of Stephen Harper (the good and the bad) and why, when balanced out, he's worth voting for.

"An election rarely offers perfect choices. Voters are called upon to sort through a catalogue of inputs — issues, policies, past records, regional affiliations, personalities, etc. — in casting their ballots. On balance, Mr. Harper remains the best man for the job in the tough times now upon us."

"Mr. Dion is a decent man of great integrity and tremendous courage, most evident in his years as minister of intergovernmental affairs under Jean Chrétien. But a leader he is not. If you want to meet the most inflexible head of a major political party, Mr. Dion takes it in a cakewalk."

"The Green Shift has been an electoral disaster not because a carbon tax/income tax swap is a bad idea, but because his proposal is ill-timed, ill-considered (why mix an anti-poverty initiative into a tax on greenhouse gas emissions?) and ill-presented. You cannot be a leader without creating followers and Mr. Dion has failed to attract followers to his signature policy."

"The supposedly obstinate Mr. Harper has been nothing if not open to adjusting as circumstances change. He was masterful in building a "big tent" centre-right alternative to the "natural governing" Liberals. His vision, determination and adroitness restored political competition to Canada, not an insignificant accomplishment."

"He acted calmly and decisively to forge a cross-party consensus and made sure the status of nationhood went to the Québécois people, not to Quebec."

"Indeed, the most important characteristic Mr. Harper has shown over 33 months in office is a capacity to grow. There is no reason to think he won't continue along the same trajectory if re-elected — a good thing, too, since there is much more for him to learn."

The article does also talk about the Conservative's need to improve their environmental plan. It's true. It needs to be improved. They also say...

"Mr. Harper should also use his political skills to wring real meaning out of last spring's apology to aboriginals. The rampant social pathologies afflicting native Canadians — from suicide to alcoholism to poor educational outcomes — remain the greatest stain on Canada's history and reputation. Coaxing First nations peoples into a full partnership with other Canadians and full participation in the Canadian economy and society would be the stuff of a prime minister intent on real achievement."

Also true. And as someone who's home is on land that is being targeted with the words, "this land has never been surrendered"... it's important to me to know my Prime Minister know that this is a VERY important issue for Canadians and First Nations People.

I think we're all getting close to being tired of talking about politics! But think of it this way... the Americans have been going for a year and aren't done yet. But we owe it to our country to take one last look at where to cast our ballot, and make a a smart choice.

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