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10 October 2008

It's not Dion's fault

It's not Dion's fault that his English language skills aren't terrific... well kinda actually. But it's not Dion's fault that he has a hearing disability. Toronto Star September 9th...

He said he has trouble, for instance, if everyone is speaking at once during a cocktail party. Dion and his officials on the Liberal campaign were unable to say what the condition is called.

But he said it affects his ability to "catch the music of the beautiful language of English."

"I hear everything when it is isolated, but when it is confused with other sounds it is completely confused,"

I remember when I read that, it explained a lot. But my first thought was... "When I see parliament on TV, it reminds me of a cocktail party with lots of different sounds" in it's own precious way. I just wondered how that would work? Then this happened yesterday.

I've been in front of... and behind the camera many times. It's tough... and outtakes are common. When I was doing my little rant videos, for each successful shot... there were 15 flubs. But not understanding questions, not being able to process quickly, not being able think on your feet, and not being able to communicate fluently in the primary language of the country you're leading are not great attributes for a Prime Minister. And it's not Dion's fault. He seems like a nice guy. All the leaders do. Well maybe not Jack. They ALL want what they believe is best for Canada. Well maybe not Gilles.

Sarah Palin gets ripped up and down and becomes a satirical character for public mockery in the United States for not giving quick polished answers... which isn't right. It's not her fault that she's new at the gig. She was picked to be in that role. Same with Stephane Dion. He was picked by his party as the best leader they had. And it's not his fault.

But If it was a job interview (and it is) would you hire him?

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