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25 October 2008

My first "Down Home Kitchen Party"

I once asked a Newfy what they did for fun. He told me... "Down Home Kitchen Parties". I didn't know what he meant... until tonight.


Anonymous said...

Ok so Happy Birthday to your father-in-law (right?)!
And what's a Newfy?
And your family is so normal.
And you are just one big kid.

Cherish those times.

Heidi Reed

Dave Carrol said...

- Ha... my dad.
- A Newfy is someone from Newfoundland (East Coast Canadian province). Some wild party people out on the East coast!
- We go through bouts of normality
- I also wanted to be a mature kid and an immature adult. done and done.

- Consider them cherished

Jeff said...

...your family needs television :P

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