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1 October 2008

My friends are geniuses... the "no call list" arrives!

If you didn't know... TODAY you can register for the national no-call list here. I can't stand telemarketing. I know they are real people with real jobs... but it's time for those real people to get other real jobs.

My brother (who is a genius) and I just had this MSN chat. He has the greatest "stick it to telemarketers" routine I've ever heard! Even better than the old Seinfeld bit.

Dave at Work says: telemarketing drives me bananas
Rick: We just put the phone down now and continue on with our conversation. I love the companies who are not allowed to hang up on a customer... they are left with quite the conundrum.
Dave at Work says: haha... really... do you do that?
Rick: ya it's great cause they can hear you talking but completely ignoring them. Amanda (my amazing sister-in-law) used to get embarrassed about it... now she enjoys it more than I do

So I shared the concept with my friend Jess who replied:

Jess says: see I'd take it a step further... if i had to go to the bathroom...I'd take them with me.

The humans I know are some of the greatest humans there are.

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