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23 October 2008

Some Blogs worth following

One of my best friends and my pastor Brian Beattie is blogging now! Wow. I never thought I'd see the day. Well actually I saw the day 2 years ago during his election days. But then those days ended. But now he's back... and BIGGER than ever. Check out "Think Big Live Big". He's one of the Biggest thinkers I've ever met and I've discovered over the years that his brain thinks CREEPILY similar to mine.

I've written about him before but my buddy Keith (who is driving his car from Brantford to the tip of South America) is blogging his way through the trip on "Keefer's [G]odyssey". He's been gone about a month and is now in Mexico. I want to hear every detail of the trip, but instead Keith just writes incredibly profound things about God. I'm super proud of my friend Keith.

This is a blog called "Rightup" by my friend Emmanuel Dogbevi... a journalist in Accra Ghana. Among other things, he's the editor of ghananewstoday.com. The blog is a peek into the world of someone who's actually digging into may of the unjust things that go on in Ghana. He's a straight shooter and good friend. This is a picture of him on one the ewaste dumps in Accra. (PS... he's the black guy)

268 Generation Blog is the Passion Blog. The last six month's it's been a terrific running journal by Louio Giglio as he... along with Crowder, Tomlin, Redman, Hall and the crew have led thousands of young people in seventeen cities, six continents and sixteen nations (including China!) in passionate worship. Love these guys.

"My Intimate Marriage" ... Christian Sex Secrets" is the new blog by Robert and Susan Irwin who are the best Christian Sex Bloggers I've found. They write about some really good stuff about sex within the Christian marriage and the PLETHORA of issue within. Excellent read whether you're married or not.

And my wife's new blog is... OK I don't think there's a chance that she's going to have blog any time soon. But doesn't she look cute in this toque from around our bonfire last night? Uh huh she does.

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