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2 October 2008

Voting is actually quite rock n' rock

It's everywhere! Yet stats are showing that less youth are expected to vote in Canada this year. You know... I've never GOT that. As a youth, I was always frustrated that my voice wasn't listened to in a world run by old men. Voting evens the field. What I thought mattered EXACTLY the same amount as what my Dad thought. Voting is pretty rock and roll to be honest.

It's a way to stand up and not only do what you feel is RIGHT... it even gives EVERYONE the license to shout it out loud. "Justice" is a big value of 24/7 Prayer Missional communities. This is (in part) what Brian Heasley wrote the other day on his blog about what a healthy functioning missional community looks like...

Whatever it takes: feed the poor, sponsor a child, don't shop at Tescos, lobby an MP, start a facebook group, whatever it takes be just. Watch the planet be good stewards. Be just with your money and allow generosity to permeate your community, give, give and keep giving.

I haven't said missional because if this is all done around the principle of "We do this for those who do not yet know you" it will work, we will be missional to the core.

Canada AND the United States are at crucial points in our collective histories. And don't be fooled... our countries are VERY tied together. We're in bed with an elephant. Google it. Prayer for both is the order of the day. And then... you should DO something. Speak your mind. Here's a way that I speak mine...


Anonymous said...

Hey there,

Do you currently sponsor a child?

If so, through what organization?

If not, can I invite you to visit Compassion International at http://www.compassion.com ? There are a christian child sponsorship organization that has over 1 million children sponsored currently.



Dave Carrol said...

Yep Zach I sponsor 2 Compassion kids. it's a great organization.

I'm a big fan

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